Idaho Women’s Retreat Features Carolyn Sutton

December 01, 2002 | Jean Coneff

This year’s annual Idaho Conference Christian Women’s, held at Camp Ida-Haven, was full of laughter, tears and fellowship.

Author Carolyn Sutton, of the Grants Pass, Ore., area, was featured during the weekend event. Sutton has written two books on her own (“Journey to Joy” and “No More Broken Places”), co-authored a junior devotional book, and edited “Guide” magazine.

Speaking on the theme “Journey to Joy”, she explained how to discover one’s own value, based on how much Christ values each person, and rise above life’s tragedies, large and small.

Illustrating how changed perspectives can open up new possibilities, she interspersed humorous vignettes of how her husband attempts to evangelize telemarketers.

Retreat participants were able to shop for books and supplies from the Idaho Conference Adventist Book Center, at on-site displays of books and music, between meetings, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning.

The natural beauty of Camp Ida-Haven’s lakeside campus added to the restfulness and peace the women felt as they returned to their homes, determined to face their daily frustrations with courage.

Each annual Retreat falls on the weekend immediately after Labor Day, and next year’s is scheduled for Sept. 5-7. Women from throughout the Northwest are welcome.