His Legacy Speaks Volumes

December 01, 2002

Often a person and a product become so intertwined that identity lines blur and we associate one automatically with the other.

For Seattle Mariner fans, it’s Edgar Martínez. For GLEANER readers in the past decade or so, it’s been Ed Schwisow.

We’ve been blessed by Ed’s commitment and journalistic skill. He is a consummate writer, a craftsman with words. I have never tired of watching him, as editor, breathe life into otherwise awkward phrases.

For the past 25 years, Ed has measured and shared the pulse of Northwest Adventism, not as one carrying out a job, but as one who fulfills a mission—a calling, if you will.

He has served as GLEANER editor for nearly 12 years; before that he teamed with editor Morten Juberg for 13 years, first as assistant editor, and later associate editor.

But Ed will be leaving us ere long. He will remain on staff with us through the end of December, but following that will embark on several of his own projects.

As Ed wraps up his longtime position as editor, I look on with mixed emotions. Our incoming editor, Dick Dower, will do a wonderful job. He is respected throughout North America and will enhance the development of the GLEANER as a credible news voice for our Northwest members.

But, simply put, one does not immediately replace the experience, the skill, or the unique personality and vision of Ed Schwisow. We will miss him. A lot.

Ed will be juggling projects from near the base of Mt. Hood, east of Sandy, Oregon, where he and his family make their home. You can reach him there by email at easchwisow@hotmail.com.

I encourage you to send a special note of thanks to Ed. You may use our GLEANER email address: gleaner@npuc.org, or send cards to Ed Schwisow in care of The GLEANER, P.O. Box 871150, Vancouver WA 98687.

Ed says he must be moving on, but he leaves behind a legacy which speaks volumes about his dedication and purpose in life. Thank you, Ed. Godspeed.