News for December 2002

The Mission Field of Corporate America

December 01, 2002 / DeLona Bell

Her voice lacked its usual confidence. It was the end of the week, and I would have been happy if it had been a routine client request.

But as she talked, I could hear that something deeper was at stake. “Listen, DeLona,” the voice in my soul said. “She’s in a spiritual struggle.”

There I was, in one of the hundreds of moments of decision we all face every day. Would I respond to the prompting of the Spirit? Or would my own focus for the day prohibit me from listening—really listening—to a colleague who was deeply troubled?

Executive Committee Elects New Treasurer, Editor

December 01, 2002

In actions taken by the North Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee in September, Norman Klam was elected as treasurer and Dick Dower was approved as GLEANER editor.

Klam will fill the vacancy left by the departure of Benny Moore, who recently took a position at the Voice of Prophecy in Southern California. Klam, who was Oregon Conference treasurer from 1986 to 1992, is currently treasurer for the Lake Union Conference, with headquarters in Berrien Springs, Mich.

Whatever Happened to Operation Bearhug/Magadan?

December 01, 2002 / Jere Patzer

Hundreds of Northwest members traveled to the former Soviet Union during the 1990s, sharing their faith, their talents, and their dollars.

Sometimes, through the inevitable absence of valid reports and rumors of attrition and apostasy, questions are raised as to the validity of these types of initiatives.

Recently, I was with Ivan Khiminets, president of the East-Russian Union Mission, at which time he followed up a previous email to me. Let me share a rough translation of that emailed letter.

Adventist Health Social Worker Offers Hope

December 01, 2002

Dealing with dozens of mothers who are often heartbreakingly under-aged and helplessly unprepared for the basics of motherhood would test most people’s faith.

For Bonnie Wicklund, however, such work is a daily reinforcement of her faith.

As a social worker at Walla Walla General Hospital (WWGH), Wicklund works with the hospital’s Tot Spot program, designed to help parents improve their parenting skills.

Walla Walla College Hosts Family Weekend

December 01, 2002 / Bradley Nelson

Parents and family members of college students are naturally curious about what goes on at “their” school. Each fall, Walla Walla College invites parents, grandparents, and siblings to experience a slice of campus life first-hand, during Family Weekend. Family Weekend this year begins Friday, Dec. 6.

“Take Your Parents to Class Day,” on Friday, offers parents the nostalgia of sitting in on classes, the first of a variety of the weekend’s social, academic, and spiritual opportunities.

Walla Walla College Adds Worship Options

December 01, 2002 / Bradley Nelson

Walla Walla College (WWC) has more Sabbath morning worship options this year than ever before.

One of them, “The Awakening,” began last year as a Thursday-evening worship group. This year, its student organizers have expanded their vision and now hope to provide organized prayer, Bible study, and service projects in conjunction with a Sabbath worship service.

Their aim is to create an ongoing, outwardly focused church experience that happens continually, not just once a week.

WindWorks Fellowship Grows Rapidly in Olympia

December 01, 2002 / Judy-Ann Neal

WindWorks Fellowship, a newly planted church in Olympia Wash., was begun by two lay couples. In only two-and-a-half years, what began as a vision has grown from 20 to 95 attendees.

Dennis McKown, WindWorks lay pastor, says, “Music, acceptance of others, and a place for healing are three pieces of DNA purposely woven into the fabric of WindWorks Fellowship. Through these three entities, our goal is to develop a grace-oriented, contemporary, relevant church.”

Auburn City Honors Public Servants

December 01, 2002 / Eric Williams

Members of the Auburn City Church recently honored King County Sheriff Dave Reichert, a prominent regional newsmaker and potential gubernatorial candidate.

Reichert attended the service, with the Honorable Peter B. Lewis, mayor of Auburn, Wash., and Fire Chief Bob Johnson.

Local member Herb Duncan, who worked closely with Reichert at the beginning of their careers, invited him to take part in the appreciation feature.