Waiting on the Lord

November 01, 2002 | Joyce Gallentine

Valerie Chase, 9, was baptized this spring, after a two-year wait.

When her father was baptized and joined the Hood River, Ore., Church two years ago, Valerie, too wanted to be baptized, but then-local-pastor Steve McHan had a special dedicatory service for her, anticipating the day when she would be older.

Meanwhile, her desire to be baptized increased, and she expressed her persistent desire to current pastor, Pat Milligan.

Together, over this past year they prayed and planned, and though she is still young, Pastor Milligan and her parents recognized that this was the right time.

During her baptismal service, Valerie recited Psalm 23 and prayed, “Dear Jesus, today I commit my life to you. Please guide me in all that I do in life. Thank you for loving me, and thank you for dying for me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

Her grandparents, Vernon and Annette Chase of Goldendale, Wash., were present, with other relatives. •