Samoan Company Organizes

Members of the Anchorage Samoan Seventh-day Adventist group saw long-held dreams come true, July 20, as they became an officially organized church company.

In his sermon, Alaska Conference President Russell Johnson encouraged them to persevere to the final goal—heaven.

The well-attended afternoon program included inspirational music, good preaching, and a potluck of Samoan food.

Responding to the music of the local choir, newly elected Alaska Conference treasurer, Harold R. Dixon III, said, “You all know my background in music. I believe that a church that has a strong music program is a strong church. In the area of music, the Samoan Company has a strong foundation. I believe that it will become a strong Company.”

In a particularly emotional moment, Pastor Robert Martínez, of the Anchorage Northside Adventist Church, presented a communion set as a special gift to Pastor Lauilo Poua, Samoan Company leader, and wished the members God’s continued blessings.

Four non-Adventist Samoan ministers attended the service and received garlands of Samoan flowers (leis), as tokens of great respect.

Members are intent on evangelizing non-Adventist Samoans in Anchorage and becoming a growing, vibrant church. To help reach this goal, Pastor Poua is holding a bilingual evangelistic series this fall, using the DVD-illustrated New Beginnings seminar.

Tithe-giving in the new Company is strong and Sabbath attendance varies from 100-150. •

November 01, 2002 / Alaska Conference