Reflections on September 11

“It’s Sept. 11—a year later. Am I distraught? Does the memory of Terrible Tuesday haunt me? No, and why? Because I have seen the glory of the American people tonight. I have seen the glory of God upon His children.

“I have just come from our Community Prayer Service and Honoring Ceremony, at the Startup, Wash., Adventist Church. It was a beautiful, reverent event. We remembered the tragedy and those who lost their lives for the sake of freedom, God and country. We watched a ‘remembrance’ video program and dwelt in the comfort of our patriotic hymns. And we prayed for our Country and our Community. There were not many words to speak, just a quiet peace in this place.

“There were about 120 people in attendance, and we were pleased to have our local law enforcement officers, local mayors, and local firefighters as our guests. Here we showed them how much we appreciate them. We gave them our support and respect and thanked them for their strength and faithful service.

“Here, we had warmth and acceptance. Here, we had the Spirit of Christ. How is it tonight? A year later? It is well with our souls.”  •

November 01, 2002 / Washington Conference