November 01, 2002

Hair on End

As I read about the “Miraculous Encounter” of sisters Heather and Heidi and Elder Venden, my spirit tingled with praise and thanksgiving. What an awesome God we serve! He truly is in control, despite what the world may scream. He is in the “still small voice” of miracles like this. May we all proclaim the daily blessings and miracles of God in our lives. What food for a Christian’s soul. I was so encouraged all my hair felt as if it was standing straight out.

God bless those sisters for hearing and listening to the Holy Spirit, and God bless Elder and Mrs. Venden for their steadfast faith and witness. God bless the GLEANER for writing it! Jesus is coming back sooo soon! Hallelujah!

Roger S. Anderson—Umatilla, Ore.

Repent, Mr. Haffner!

I am writing in regards to Mr. Haffner’s article “Universal Programming.” It is sad that Mr. Haffner has lowered God, the Creator, to a computer programming (using) Nerd! Repent, repent, Mr. Haffner!

Kevin Warner—Troy, Mont.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my article. I appreciate you expressing a concern to preserve and acknowledge the holiness and deity of God. I apologize if my article lowered God to the status of a computer nerd in your mind. That was certainly not my intent in grasping for a modern-day metaphor to communicate the Gospel with our youth. In His Love, Karl.