Goldendale Enjoys Busy Summer

November 01, 2002 | Elaine Kubler

Church members in Goldendale, Wash., had a busy summer, including sponsorship of a stop-smoking series at The Grist Mill, a health food store owned by local Adventists Willard and Artine Cordis. The owners’ son Brent Cordis managed audiovisual presentations during the series.

One participant had been told by her physician that if she did not stop using tobacco, she would die within six months to a year.

Local members Don and LeNora Nystrom, who used tobacco before they joined the Church, attended each evening to encourage participants as they battled their addictions. Retired dentist Howard Kubler and his wife, Elaine, also assisted with the program.

Health Fair

The Goldendale Church also sponsored a table at the recent Goldendale Health Fair, giving away more than 100 health-related magazines at Goldendale High School.

Members were surprised when a number of students approached the table and took some stop-smoking magazines to give to other youths.

The students explained that they were non-smokers who were concerned for students who smoked, and they hoped the magazines would help the smokers give up cigarettes.


Nick Enslow, 15, son of Daniel and Anita Enslow of Goldendale, received a $500 scholarship to attend Upper Columbia Academy this school year. Ron Turner, Upper Columbia Academy director of marketing and recruitment, made the presentation.

Enslow attended ninth grade at the Goldendale Adventist School and received the scholarship because of his academic achievements, citizenship, and contributions as a student. He is now a sophomore at Upper Columbia Academy.

Other Activities

Shirlene Stahl, of Irrigon, Ore., recently visited the Goldendale Church and presented her program, “Friendship Garden.”

And in yet another program, local Pathfinders conducted an entire church service, which featured Richard Parker, Upper Columbia Conference youth director. •