Coquille Adds Drama To Traditional Cooking Classes

November 01, 2002 | Tina Gladden

“Hey! This chicken salad tastes great. What’s in it?”

“Well, no chicken, for one thing, and how do you like the dairy-free sour cream?”

“Yeah, right! And I suppose the next thing you’ll tell me is this yummy lasagna is cheese-free!”

“Actually, it is. And just wait until dessert. You won’t believe what you can do without sugar and chocolate!”

Attendees at a health, nutrition, and natural remedies seminar learned many new things recently in Coquille, Ore., with instructor Mary Bernt.

Nearly 50 (including 18 guests from the community) took part in the four-session series.

For eight years, Bernt owned and operated an award-winning vegan restaurant and health food store, which she sold last year to allow her to pursue her passion—presenting seminars and promoting healthful living.

In her classes, she teaches about the hazards of dairy, caffeine, additives, and refined foods and the benefits of exercise, sleep, and stress-reduction.

She also shares her personal testimony of how God led her from misery and sickness into a joyful life, full of energy and free of disease, 10 years ago.

Attendees shed tears as she told how God’s perfect health plan helped bring

her into the Adventist faith, and her magnetic enthusiasm and fact-filled presentations brought attendees back each night for more learning and meals, featuring popular dishes she once served in her restaurant.

Held Sept. 2-5, the classes led directly into an evangelistic series, presented by Steve and Alberta Cook. Attendees from many faiths expressed heartfelt thanks for the things they learned.

Those interested in learning more about Bernt and her seminar may reach her by phoning (503) 985-0654. •