Adventists Well Represented At Clatsop County Fair

More than 175 fair-goers received free health screenings at the Adventist Community Health Van, during Clatsop County Fair this summer in Astoria, Ore.

Others visited Adventist-manned booths that featured Adventist education and the ministry of Adventist literature evangelists.

Health Testing

At no charge, the health booth offered testing for osteoporosis, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Those with no medical insurance coverage or who rarely visited physicians remarked how thankful they were for the free tests.

The event was organized and staffed by Astoria, Seaside, and Long Beach Adventist Church members.

Astoria’s health and temperance/personal ministries leader, Susan Armstrong, R.N., M.P.H., led out. Local newspapers and radio announced the coming of the Health Van, and KAST radio interviewed the van’s director, Ed Hoover.

Hoover conducted the cholesterol and osteoporosis screenings; Joyce Miller and Zephyr Warren greeted and registered those who came for testing. Ruby Clark and Tim Mendenhall took blood pressures; Armstrong, Mary Miller, Verna Starr, and Cathy Raymer entered data in the computer for the health surveys.

Pastor Elwood Starr, Dell Warren, and Bill Raymer tested for grip strength and body fat composition, and assisted with DUI glasses that simulated the effects of alcohol intoxication.

Books on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and cookbooks were given out as prizes to various participants, along with literature on health. All received flyers for an upcoming CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Program).

The Health Van was a huge success. We don’t know who enjoyed it more, the people coming through or those of us who volunteered!

School’s Booth

The local Pleasant View Seventh-day Adventist School hosted a fair booth that showed what the School offers and invited enrollment.

Teacher Darlene Armstrong and church members Marland Armstrong, Karen Christensen, Ken Collier, June Gammon, Greg Kabunuk, Charlotte Mendenhall, Mike Miller, and Verna Starr took turns hosting at the booth. A video program promoting Christian education and showing the benefits of Adventist schools played continually during the week.

Literature Evangelism

A Literature Evangelism booth was set up by Lyle and Sharon Pierce, displaying the well known “Bible Story” books, “My Bible Friends,” a medical reference library, cookbooks, and other material.

As we met and shared with the people of our local community, we felt the power of the Holy Spirit. Working as a team for Jesus creates a special bond between church members and develops friendships within the community. Our church family is looking forward to serving together, sponsoring future events.

November 01, 2002 / Oregon Conference