Gem State Adventist Academy Welcomes 142 Students

October 01, 2002 | Debra McCarver

Gem State Adventist Academy, a grade 9-12 day and boarding high school outside of Caldwell, Idaho, began classes this school year with 142 students, from eight states and five foreign countries.

Japan, Korea, Africa, Mexico, and Taiwan are all represented on the student body, as are the US states of Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Tennessee, and Minnesota.

“I go to Gem State because, after going to a public school, Gem State Academy offers me a better learning experience, as well as a spiritual atmosphere,” says Ashley Camara, a student from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Although many students live on campus during the school year, some 100 students attend Gem State from the greater Treasure Valley, traveling up to an hour each way.

Senior Survival

In one of their first activities this year, as a class, Gem State Adventist Academy seniors began a rite of passage that took them into the wilderness for problem-solving and team-building activities.

During “Senior Survival,” they were confronted with scenarios that required them to think outside the box and solve problems together, using ingenuity and resources at hand.

Terry Soule’, Class sponsor and history teacher, said, “The purpose of Senior Survival is to teach seniors to work together in out-of-the-ordinary situations, be creative, and have fun as a class.” •