Auburn Enrollment Spurred by Scholarships

October 01, 2002 | Brian Becker

About 300 students were registered at Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) by Aug. 25, leading to expectations for about 310 students this year, up from 305 at this time last year.

“When gauging enrollment success, the biggest blessing this year was with the number of low-income students Auburn was able to enroll,” says Brian Becker, director of recruitment.

The scholarship program “Pathways to Success,” better known as Common Weal, allows AAA to recruit low-income students and offer an average of $4,000 in scholarship funds to needy families.

Common Weal voted unanimously this February to partner with AAA, adding it to its list of 19 sponsored academies.

Though AAA is one of the latest to join with Common Weal, it already has one of the highest number of Common Weal sponsorships.

AAA students this year come from as far away as Alaska, California, Canada, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Peru, Taiwan, Texas, and Thailand. •

Brian Becker