Stanfield Group Organized as Adventist Company

September 01, 2002 | Debbie Schuening

Members of the Stanfield, Ore., Adventist congregation celebrated their organization as an official company of Adventist believers, June 1.

Speakers at the event included Max Torkelsen II, Upper Columbia Conference president; Pastor Kevin Wilfley, of the Company’s mother church in nearby Hermiston; and Greg Griffitts, local pastor.

The group began meeting some time ago as a weekly prayer meeting group of Hermiston members who wished to reach out to residents of the neighboring town of Stanfield.

A group of 25 began holding worship services there in April 2001, and outreach included circulating study materials and fliers and promoting a concert by singer Lisa Marie.

They also contacted non-attending Adventist members in the area and began Bible studies. Recent evangelistic meetings, led by Jac and ‘dena Colón and co-sponsored with the Hermiston Church, brought more interests.

On their day of organization as a company, membership stood at 48. Of the entire group of attendees, 32 were members of the original group, two were Adventists returning to fellowship, 14 were new members, and several were regular visitors.

Stanfield Church Company members currently meet in a rented church at 210 E. Taft Street. The building, owned by the Hope Presbyterian Church, is one of the older church buildings in the Stanfield community.

Stanfield Adventists have begun holding a Friday vespers program and Wednesday outreach. This summer, they hosted a financial planning seminar and a vacation Bible school. In July, they organized a community carwash as a get-acquainted service to the community.

A few days after organization, members welcomed a new addition to their congregation—Jordyn Patrick Wiley Morgan, adopted by Deni and Jim Morgan.

Then, a few days later, they welcomed another newcomer, Madison Elizabeth Lynn Lester, born June 16 to Melissa and Travis Lester, a newly baptized family. •