Lebanon Communion Reenacts Jesus’ Last Meal

With tables arranged as a cross and decorated with fresh flowers, fruit bowls, candles, and little white lights, the Lebanon, Ore., Adventist women’s ministries group set out the congregation’s second annual Agape Feast communion service.

A strong turnout of members and guests enjoyed the atmosphere of praise and singing, as they ate the simple food, similar to what Jesus and His followers may have enjoyed in their upper-room meal together.

The Feast included enactment of the last-supper scene, “Words,” written by Gwen Langham, women’s ministries coordinator, and narrated by Elizabeth Rich.

Church members played the roles of Jesus and the apostles, creatively dressed in first century-like garb. The final act set the scene for the Ordinance of Humility, depicting the contrast between Jesus washing Judas’ feet and the humble reaction of Peter. After the feet-washing, members returned to their tables, and the service closed with the song, “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds,” sung in a large circle as participants held hands. •

September 01, 2002 / Oregon Conference