September 01, 2002

Getting the Bug

God brings people to us who need help (mentally, spiritually, and physically). We live on a secluded wilderness farm, 17 miles from tiny Talkeetna, Alaska, now bustling with activity as thousands of tourists from around the world pass through weekly.

Tomorrow we are taking our team of Belgiums and our stagecoach to town for the day to take children for rides—a promotion for reading from our local library. We will give away gospel magazines.

Last time I got mail, the July GLEANER was in our box. “Crossing the Invisible Boundary,” by Mike Martling, was so inspiring! God has given Mike enormous insight we all need to get actively “infected” with. When one gets the “bug,”—being minute folk, a sermon in shoes, actively on the front lines with magazines, tools for sharing—God does marvelous things. We know! It happens to us, and our lives are so rewarded.

Roger and Dianne Merrill—Talkeetna, Alaska

Laurelwood, We Love You!

I read with interest the August issue regarding schools located in the Northwest. It was a great disappointment to me that nothing was said about the proud history of perhaps the greatest loved and respected one of all. Yes, I am speaking about Laurelwood. Nothing was mentioned of the good work or the devoted staff and of the wonderful students that have obtained an education over the many years. It was a place where anyone who was willing to try hard enough could better themselves in life.

There was also nothing said about the hard-working few and their supporters that have endeavored to keep it operating since, for some reason, the Conference decided to close it. It would seem to me that memories and traditions have a place in life along with thoughts of the future. I wonder if many know what is happening to it now. To me it is a sad day.

Chester A. Cole—Lebanon, Ore.

Editorial Response: Oh, Laurelwood, We Love You! So goes the song that this editor sang as a student many moons ago. Like you, Chester, I’ll always remember with youthful enthusiasm the days I spent in academy. The GLEANER indeed does carry news items about Laurelwood and other independent Adventist schools—such as the lead-off article in the July issue’s “Oregon” section, about the sale of the Laurelwood property and the school’s planned move to a new campus. We could have held the story until August, but wanted to get the news out more quickly.... E.S.

No Butts About it...

The letter in the May issue from “Rebel Rouser” caught my attention. If it were my church that didn’t have cigarette butts in the parking lot (from AA meetings, and such), it would be because I, as head deacon, picked them up in an effort to keep the premises neat and presentable.

Bill Oakes—Anchorage, Alaska