Did You Know


• The Earth is 1,597,340 miles from where it was yesterday

• Air is not weightless

• This year, Americans will spend more than $500 million on products to control body odor

• Your brain stopped growing at age 4

• Mahatma Gandhi never won a Nobel Peace Prize

Source: various sources

Expanding Vocabulary

e•nig•ma [i nígm , e nígm] noun mystery: somebody or something that is not easily explained or understood.

ven•er•ate [vénne ráyt] respect somebody: to regard somebody with profound respect

Source: www.encarta.msn.com

Thought for the Day

“When we call on God, He bends down His ear to listen, as a father bends down to listen to his little child.”

Elizabeth Charles

Roads in the USA

Would circle the globe 157 times; reach moon and back 8 times.

September 01, 2002 / Did You Know?