Biblical Abortion?

A Barna Research Group survey is quoted in the July GLEANER, noting "that Americans are comfortable legalizing activities—such as abortion, homosexuality and pornography—that they feel are immoral.”

While the Bible explicitly condemns homosexuality and pornography, it is silent on any prohibition against abortion. Only two laws deal with induced miscarriage. One in Exodus 21 fines a man for accidentally causing a miscarriage while fighting with the pregnant lady's husband. The fetus is considered property until birth.

In Numbers, Chapter 5, in the trial of jealousy, God causes an abortion of a married woman who has become pregnant through infidelity, but is not caught in the act.

The Bible records over 80 death penalties for crimes, but not one of them deals with abortion; in fact, there is no punishment recorded for abortion. The Bible plainly teaches that birth and breath begin life and personhood. The pagan belief of the natural immortality of the soul is the foundation of popular teachings that prohibit abortion and assert that it is killing a person.

John V. Stevens, Sr.—Via email

Outside the Gates

Thanks to whoever was outside the entrance of the Washington Conference Camp Meeting, parading around with the gigantic photos of aborted babies. Just what my kids and I needed to see, my kids being too young to understand gory pictures of yet somebody else's political agenda.

Is there anywhere, any time, when people can simply leave other people alone? I didn't take time to read the signs, after being repulsed by what I saw, so whatever they were pushing was lost on me. Seems like they were preaching to the choir. After all, I believe abortion is wrong, too. Perhaps they would have made a bigger impact at the freeway interchange downtown. Next year, leave the signs home and join us at the service.

Darrell Wilson—Rochester, Wash.

August 01, 2002 / Intersections