Blue Mountain TV Sees Providence at Work

Blue Mountain Television, a Christian station serving the Walla Walla area of Eastern Washington, had been raising funds to buy three new Sony digital cameras, valued at $100,000.

A big surprise came in mid-May, however, in the form of an opportunity to save several thousands of dollars off the purchase price.

The offer came on the same day that Lynelle Ellis, station manager, received the largest two donations in the history of Blue Mountain Television-for $50,000 and $15,000-to buy cameras. Hearing of the low-price offer, other donors advanced the timing of their gifts to take advantage of the deal.

“Sharing the news [of the incoming funds and lower camera prices at a special meeting] with our Operating Committee was one of the most enjoyable moments of my life,” said Ellis. “After the station engineer detailed the great deal of the cameras to the Committee, the vice president of the board asked, ‘And how do you plan to pay for this, Lynelle?’

“‘I’m glad you asked that,’ I answered, and handed the checks to our board president.” The committee members were first dazed, then overwhelmed, and voted to purchase the cameras right away, ready for Camp Meeting production in mid-June.

The cameras are now housed at new studio facilities being built by the Walla Walla College Communications Department, where Blue Mountain TV will use them for production of local shows, such as “Blue Mountain News,” “Valley Viewpoint,” and “This Week at Blue Mountain TV.”

Station personnel praise God for His guidance in the purchase of the much-needed equipment. •

August 01, 2002 / Upper Columbia Conference