From East to West [Adventist Mission]

April 19, 2018

The North American Division's territory spans over 12 time zones from Bermuda in the east, to Palau in the west. This gives Adventist schools the opportunity to serve students from various backgrounds and communities. Watch this month's Adventist Mission story and visit two schools from each end of the NAD to see how God is working.

Esther [iBelieveBible]

April 13, 2018

God used one courageous girl to save thousands of her own people from destruction - and he overturned the plots of an evil man to spare an innocent one. Even in desperate situations, God is able to reverse seemingly inescapable fate. What could he do for you?

There is Neither Jew Nor Gentile [WWUC]

April 07, 2018

With the recent events on the Walla Walla University (WWU) campus, Alex Bryan, Walla Walla University Church (WWUC) senior pastor, felt called to preach his April 7 Sabbath sermon on racism, justice and diversity.

During the sermon, Bryan invited four WWU students to come on stage and express how the recents events had impacted them.

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WWU President Addresses Racism [WWU]

April 03, 2018

On April 3, John McVay, Walla Walla University (WWU) president, addressed a campus-wide assembly regarding the core values of the university. In his comments, which included a response to a recent racist social media post on campus, McVay called for respect and care for one another. Citing the apostle Paul, McVay urged the campus family to unite by reconciling everything and everyone in Christ.

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Unsung Heroes [iBelieveBible]

March 16, 2018

What makes someone a hero? Do they have to conquer nations, win a war, save someone's life? Or can smaller actions qualify someone to be considered a hero? 

Discipline [iBelieveBible]

March 09, 2018

Where does discipline end and abuse of power start? How can we seek to emulate Christ while guarding against the human impulse to judge and seize power? Should I keep letting people adjust my clothes in the name of Christian community?