God and the Astronomer [The John 10:10 Project]

What does the universe tell us about God? Dr. Robert Jastrow was the founding director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the first chairman of NASA’s Lunar Exploration Committee. In these and other positions, Jastrow was uniquely placed to understand astronomy and cosmology as the modern scientific understanding emerged. Like many of his generation of scientists, he struggled with the implications of an expanding universe that was created abruptly in the finite past. This and other amazing characteristics of the universe were discovered throughout his career. How does a professed agnostic react to the evidence?

God and the Astronomer is a short film dealing with the implications of what we know about our universe. Jastrow gives his unique perspective on God and astronomy in this gripping film, a perspective that is almost impossible to ignore.

God and the Astronomer is more than fascinating science and mesmerizing philosophy, it is a trip from the Mount Wilson observatory above Los Angeles back to the beginning of the universe. It is also an exploration, not just of matter and space, but of the human mind, logic and faith. Whether or not they are scientists, for many viewers God and the Astronomer will be among the most fascinating five minutes and forty five seconds they will ever watch.

God and the Astronomer, released by The John 10:10 Project, joins aa vast and growing collection of short films addressing the big questions every Christian faces: Does God Exist? Can the Bible be trusted? Did the resurrection of Jesus really happen? Why is there so much evil, pain and suffering in the world? How does creation reveal a Creator?

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