Do's and Don'ts [iBelieveBible]

Leviticus is likely one of the least-read books of the Bible; anyone who has ever tried to read the Bible from cover to cover can tell you that Genesis and Exodus fly by – it’s when you get to those endless laws that the reading gets slow. Leviticus (and its even less popular companions, Numbers and Deuteronomy) contains the bulk of Jewish law, including laws about food, tattoos, foreigners, fabric, sex, and an entire nausea-inducing section of various bodily fluids and how to deal with them.

If we do accept that we have to pick and choose which parts of the law to keep, however, how do we choose? Should we even think of it as choosing, or can we learn how to read the Bible on its own terms? Can Leviticus speak for itself today if we let it speak on it's on terms?

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