March/April 2019


A Choice to Believe

It’s a common refrain in movie scripts: “I’ll come back for you,” says the hero. “I promise.” And in those scripts, the hero always keeps his promises.

But real life isn’t a make-believe...



Northwest Members Raise Nearly $500,000 for Fire Recovery

When the Camp Fire swept through Paradise, Calif., and the surrounding area this past November, it became the most deadly, costly wild fire in the state’s history. During the conflagration, which...


Just Like Jesus

The Hound Scan

Marcy has cancer — at least that’s what the medical gurus say. It began, most likely, as a small tumor in breast tissue and has expanded to lymph nodes, liver cells and other places identified by...



The Socializing Gospel

Earnest voices among us warn about a “social gospel” movement. With good reason. Some well-intentioned Adventists are so committed to good neighborliness they diminish our doctrine or even...


The Widow's Echo

In Ovid’s rendition of the tale of Narcissus, he writes of a talkative nymph, much admired by Venus, the goddess of love, for her beautiful voice. The nymph plays a trick on the wife of Jupiter,...



VidaGPS Groups: Antidote to the National Loneliness Epidemic

It’s undeniable: The rapidly growing number of studies are providing the scientific data that shows humans were wired to live in connection. Over the past 20 years, what public health officials... More

VidaGPS: Antídoto a la Epidemia Nacional de Soledad

¡Es innegable! Los estudios siguen comprobando que como humanos fuimos programados para vivir en conexión. A través de los últimos 20 años, lo que los oficiales de... More

Living God's Love Through Public Service

Adventist Health employees embrace their mission — living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope — by striving to serve and improve the communities in which they live... More

When God Moves: A Story From the Northernmost Town in the United States

Picture a two-story pink house with a small yellow house sitting right next door, right in the center of a well-traveled part of town. Little did anyone suspect that these buildings would become God... More

An Email From Nowhere Connects Couple to a New Somewhere

“Good afternoon, I found your email online and was hoping you might be able to help us concerning getting baptized. My husband and I live in remote Alaska and are hoping to find a Sabbath... More

Savoonga Church Celebrates Christmas on Bering Sea

Dec. 21, 2018, had arrived. As the time for our Christmas program drew closer and closer, we realized Alaska's Savoonga Church was going to be filled to capacity. We were right. The church was... More

Small Church Dedicates New Building in Two Years

A church has a dedication service when their building loan is paid off. For most, that takes several years. One small church in Long Creek, Ore., accomplished it in two years. In fact, they never... More

Banana Box Bargains Holds Grand Opening

What happens when ideas, church members and an unstoppable force get together? At the Payette (Idaho) Church, it’s Banana Box Bargains. The Payette Church has had a community services... More

Montana Conference Camp Meeting

We would like to invite you to join us for a revival and transformation experience this coming June 12–15, 2019, at the campus of Mount Ellis Academy, 3641 Bozeman Trail Road, Bozeman MT 59715... More

Poplar Members Thank God for Gift of Volunteers

During the Christmas season, church members found themselves thanking God for every volunteer who has given of themselves and their resources for supporting the building project in Poplar, Mont. For... More

Roundup Members Their Fishing

In Montana, we know fishing: fly fishing, lure fishing, fishing from boats, fishing from shore. We enjoy fishing in rivers or in lakes. Fishing is part of our heritage in Big Sky Country, something... More

Billings School Hosts 'FUN-raiser'

The word “fundraiser” often conjures up a variety of reactions. However, whatever the reaction, there is one fact that cannot be denied. For many Seventh-day Adventist schools, especially... More

The Field Trip That Just Kept Giving

It was an ordinary fall day for the students of Central Valley Christian School in Tangent, Ore. The Rich Room students (grades three through five) headed out with promotional postcards inviting the... More

Hillsboro Spanish Helps Reconnect Families

On a chilly January morning, 280 people gathered at Holden Convention Center in Gladstone, Ore., in anticipation of welcoming family members they hadn’t seen in 10 or more years.... More

Oregon Leaders Ponder How to Love Well

In January 2019, the entire pastoral and educational team of the Oregon Conference set aside two days for a celebration of united ministry. Together as One, an annual two-day meeting, brings... More

Sunnyside Holds International Day Celebration

Anticipation and eagerness was in the air, and people greeted each other with an extra sparkle in their eyes and warmth in their voices. Soon Sunnyside Church’s Jan. 26, 2019, church service in... More

Academies Pursue Rock-Solid Connection

For Adventist academies, vespers programs and good connections (also known as networking) are key elements of the school environment. On Nov. 30, 2018, thanks to student leadership, connections and... More

Lents Community Clothing Closet Day Launches

Lents Church and Lents Neighborhood Association (LNA) in Portland, Ore., teamed up to launch Lents Community Clothing Closet Day on Jan. 3, 2019, at the Lents Activity Center.   The LNA... More

Beaverton Holds 'Youth Only' Worship

Thirteen youth, primarily from grades four through 12, provided piano or vocal selections to offer their talents and praises to God in the first “youth only” worship service at Beaverton... More

Town Hall Meetings in UCC

In advance of the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) Constituency Session to be held Sept. 15, 2019, at Upper Columbia Academy, there will be six Town Hall meetings throughout the conference territory.... More

God Works With Water for Life

The Lord has been doing great things through water for life for the people of Guatemala. Through the blessings of generous donations from many individuals — primarily Art and Jeanette Fry and... More

Thousands Enjoy Annual Nativity Scene

For about 30 years a beautiful Nativity display has sat next to I-90 in the Spokane, Wash., area, where hundreds of thousands of cars pass by and see the story of Jesus birth told simply with lights... More

Moscow Church Spreads True Reason for the Season

The city of Moscow, Idaho, has a yearly Christmas parade down Main Street to welcome in the Christmas season. The parade has always been entirely populated with secular-themed holiday floats. That... More

All Nations Center Welcomes New Pastor, New Members

All Nations Center (ANC) in Wapato, Wash., was blessed to welcome our new district pastor, Sean Day, in September 2018. Day and his family moved from Florida and have been excited to be back in the... More

Dodds Presents Plenary Lecture at International Conference

Greg Dodds, professor of history and chair of the Walla Walla University Department of History and Philosophy, gave the Roland Bainton Plenary Lecture at the 2018 annual meeting of the Sixteenth... More

New WWU Peer-reviewed E-journal to Cultivate Inclusivity in Education

The Walla Walla University Center for Educational Equity and Diversity (CEED) is launching a peer-reviewed e-journal to cultivate inclusivity by encouraging research and discussion within education.... More

WWU Class Officers

Walla Walla University junior and seniors classes announce 2019 class officers. Senior class officers, College Place, Wash., campus: (Front row, from left) Natalie Schmidt, business... More

Young Adults Find Community Empowerment at Retreat

It began with a dream from a young adult — a dream to bring this generation’s western Washington young adults together and build a stronger community to take action. And that’s... More

Evangelism Series 'REVEALs' Personal Church Mission

Have you ever come to a crossroad or felt stuck in your life and prayed, “God, what is your plan for me?” Mount Tahoma Church in Tacoma, Wash., addressed this very question by hosting an... More

Christmas Program Empowers Special Needs Children

It was a quiet October day when the phone rang and interrupted the normal day-to-day sounds of Desiree White’s day. “Who could that be?” White wondered as she answered the phone... More

Pastors Model Crucial Conversation Process

How do you facilitate a crucial conversation? You start small with one-on-one conversations, expand to a larger core group and then include a larger audience. This model was demonstrated during... More

Jesus Changes Lives With 'Secrets of Hope'

“Come on this whirlwind tour of the Holy Land and the Bible! Learn from the past. Live with hope for the future.” We were excited to invite our community to the Secrets of Hope... More

Three Generations of Church Plants Grow

This is a God-sized story about three generations of church plants: one established, one growing, and one just getting started. Kent (Wash.) Spanish Church was one of six new church plants between... More