July 2017


Moving Forward Together

When I was a newly baptized Seventh-day Adventist young adult, I had family and friends who were not in the church. The Holy Spirit had poured the love of Christ into my heart, and my first...



Moving Forward With Mission and Priorities

Much can be accomplished when Christ's followers collaborate on the common mission, when they embrace a set of shared priorities and values in answer to His call.

The North...


Just Like Jesus

Beneath the Hoodie

Let’s call him Isaac because that’s not his name. He lives in a sweatshirt, a hoodie that hides his eyes so he can feel invisible. But, he’s not invisible; he’s just hiding. It’s rather like...



Defending the Faith

This summer I have the burden of traveling to Oxford University for my doctoral residency to study the writings of C.S. Lewis. I realize that many of you will feel immediate sympathy for me as I...


An Autopsy of Our Death

Death is the only certainty of life in this world. Yet death is a defeated enemy. In almost taunting words, Scripture declares, “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” and...



Zapatos con Esperanza

No se nos había ocurrido antes. No fue una idea originada en alguna mente brillante; mas bien estoy convencido que fue un regalo directamente instruido, proporcionado y gestionado por Dios... More

Adventist Health Ministries Win WELCOA Awards

Since its inception, Adventist Health has been focused on wellness and prevention as the core of delivering whole-person care. While many health care organizations have not moved past treating... More

Dillingham Men's Retreat Feeds Families

“Men’s retreat” generally means a spiritual time of Bible reading, discussion, singing, stories and eating — and maybe some hiking or camping. At the recent Dillingham... More

Amazing Grace Academy Brings Week of Prayer to Togiak

It’s a cold, crisp day in Togiak when we arrive. The bay lies frozen over by the extreme cold of winter, the sun oblique in the sky is making its ascent towards summer. Most of the students... More

Hilltop Adventist School Sees God Working Every Day

At Hilltop Adventist School, in Twin Falls, Idaho, the best time of our day is when we slow the pace down to praise our heavenly Father for all His many blessings through prayer, praise, Scripture or... More

AMEN Clinic Offers Vision for Ministry

The sunshine coming through the stained-glass windows patted students’ heads, reassuring us that, indeed, it was morning and God had made it. Oh God, help your child today. Help me serve. Today... More

La Grande Snap-Its Team Competes in Sacramento Lego Robotics Championship

“Three! Two! One!! LEGO!!” These words rang out signaling the start of the missions at the Lego Robotics tournaments.  For the students of the Snap-Its team from La... More

Reality Town Teaches Financial Responsibility

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be stewards of God’s time and money. The Caldwell Adventist Elementary School (CAES) believes this skill of financial responsibility needs to be taught... More

BVAS Students Hold Church-in-a-Bus

“That was a top-notch performance.” “The kids’ personalities really shine through their performances.” “The programs get better every year and this was the... More

Outdoor Adventures Become Mount Ellis Classrooms

Mount Ellis Academy is a place where education and the great outdoors meet. I like to call the outdoors our seventh classroom. When you live in a place like Bozeman, Mont., you can’t help but... More

Valley View Adventist Christian School Celebrates Miracles

During the past 70 years God has provided Christian education for the community of Glendive, Mont. The mission of this small rural Adventist church has operated a Christian elementary school,... More

Amazing Things Happening at Livingstone Adventist Academy

This has been an awesome year at Livingstone Adventist Academy (LAA) in Salem, Ore. So many things have happened, from weeks of prayer to chapels, weekend retreats and Bible studies. The list is long... More

GPSAS Celebrates 100 Years of Service

The reunion was a sample of the joy to be experienced when Jesus returns. Following months of planning, Oregon's Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist School (GPSAS) celebrated 100 years of service.... More

Storytime Enjoyed at Three Sisters

Can't wait until the Cat in the Hat comes back? Or maybe you want to go on a Bear Hunt? Well, all this and more have been the themes of Storytime at Three Sisters Adventist Christian School in... More

Milo Student Chaplain Leads Worship With Chris Tomlin

Contemporary Christian artist and worship leader Chris Tomlin gave a $3,000 Taylor guitar to a Milo Academy student during a recent concert in Eugene, Ore. About 40 Milo Adventist Academy students... More

PAA, Hood View Church Provide Tiny Home for Homeless Woman

Stories of cold-related deaths scattered the headlines during one of the worst winters in Oregon’s history. The weather, coupled with a nationally recognized housing crisis, caused overcrowded... More

Tualatin Valley Academy Marks Return of Ninth Grade

The 2016–17 school year marked the return of ninth grade to Tualatin Valley Academy in Hillsboro, Ore. This year’s freshmen pioneered a creative new high school program at TVA, one that... More

CAA Family Sees the Miraculous

Adventist education exists to change lives, and these miracles — and so many others — happen each and every day. Students at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) in Battle Ground, Wash., have... More

Portland Adventist Elementary School Welcomes New Principal

We are excited to welcome Brandon O’Neal as our new principal at Portland Adventist Elementary School (PAES). He is joining our school family for the 2017–2018 school year all the way... More

CGCS Welcomes Spring With Style

The month of May was an exciting one for the students, friends and families of Cottage Grove Christian School (CGCS) in southern Oregon. The month started off with a family field trip to Wildlife... More

Central Valley Celebrates Dinner Auction Blessings

Central Valley Christian School (CVCS) in Tangent, Ore., hosted its first off-site dinner and fundraising auction on Sunday, April 16, 2017. Funds were targeted for updated technology in classrooms... More

LAA's Kindergarten Class Bridges the Gap

Livingstone Adventist Academy’s kindergarten class has been working to bridge the gap between our local churches and the school in Salem, Ore. Being a school with seven constituent churches,... More

Dorm Renovations, Schedule Changes Come to UCA

According to the “Hall of Memories” plaque hanging in the Campbell Administration Building at Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash., the original wing of the guys’ dorm was... More

Tri-City Adventist School Students 'Do Something' in Community

This year the theme at Tri-City Adventist School (TCAS) in Pasco, Wash., has been "Do Something." It has been our goal to actively engage our students in service to our community.... More

WWVA Donors Enable Accessible Spaces

“I want to go to a real academy,” begged Abby Pontius from a spot near her mother‘s desk in the family’s furniture store. She had been taking online classes through a co-op... More

Yakima Adventist Christian School Grows, Succeeds

The 2016–17 school year was a banner year in so many ways. Yakima Adventist Christian School (YACS) continues to make a positive impact on the lives of students from all over Washington's... More

HJA Presents Agricultural, Industrial Arts Program

The students at Harris Junior Academy (HJA) in Pendleton, Ore., want to present our agricultural and industrial arts (IA) program. Over the past few years this program has been growing. It started... More

Music, Christ's Love Bloom at MSAS

As you walk down the long hallway, there is a slight hum of Christian music emanating from the classrooms. Often there will be the joyful noise of students and teachers frolicking to a rhythmic... More

CCA Performs 'Getting to Know the Sound of Music'

When Cascade Christian Academy (CCA) English teacher Vicki Downer and music teacher Cheryl Gabel collaborate there is no telling what they will put together, and this spring’s performance was... More

WWU Hosts First Design, Innovation Event

During the first Walla Walla University (WWU) collaborative innovation laboratory in February, WWU student teams in College Place, Wash., presented new, marketable, patentable product prototypes and... More

Skagit Adventist Academy Reaches for the Stars

The month of April found the prekindergarten through eighth-grade students at Skagit Adventist Academy in Burlington, Wash., spending more time than usual reading outside of class time. One... More

PSAA Fosters Creativity

At Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) in Kirkland, Wash., fine arts programming has developed in inspiring and energizing ways this past school year. In the fall, director and instructor Craig Mohr... More

KSDA Trains Thinkers, Leaders

Adventist founder and inspiration Ellen G. White counseled, “Train the youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts” (Education, p. 17.2). This is a primary... More

Fackenthall Accepts AAA Principal Post

Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) is happy to announce Peter Fackenthall has accepted a call to be the academy's new principal.­ Peter Fackenthall grew up in the Walla Walla Valley and... More

Buena Vista Finds Colorful Ways to Be Active

The air was streaked with color on Sunday, April 23, 2017, as more than 160 participants' color packets were tossed into the air, signaling the start of Buena Vista Adventist School’s... More

Forest Park Students Visit Honorary Grandparents

Once a month, Sunrise View Assisted Living opens its doors to students from Forest Park Adventist Christian School in Everett, Wash. “Visiting our friends at Sunrise View Assisted Living... More

Cypress Nurtures STEM Activities

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is today's updated version of the long-honored three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic). The inclusion of STEM skills is necessary to ensure... More

Kirkland Students Serve as Friends of Jesus

This spring, Washington's Kirkland Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School (KSDA) launched a special, interactive project as a way to reach out to constituent area churches with a student-led... More

Olympia Students Learn 'Math for Life'

Students from Olympia (Wash.) Christian School (OCS) and other school partners in the community had a special two-week task in March and April. Olympia area students in kindergarten through... More