Dear fellow members:

The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) was organized 110 years ago to help members and local conferences share our Adventist message in the Northwest. That mission...



Constituency FAQ

With the North Pacific Union Conference constituency session coming up Sunday, Sept. 25, here are some questions and answers in an attempt to demystify the process. Submit a question of your own...


Let's Talk


Scripture makes it plain. Some people are going to be sheep and some goats. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground in this imagery — no halfway pen of undecided antelopes. I used to wonder...



Sermonic Bingo

Last month I commented on some practices church members participate in, which elicited some positive and some consternated responses. Good; that was the point — and I had some very good...


Access to God's Presence

Come with me to the Oval Office, the most powerful place in the world. The year is 1962. Men in gray suits solemnly circulate around the room. Polite knocks at the door, and more enter.




Desafíos Victoriosos

Son las 9:30 de la mañana y la congregación canta “Firmes y Adelantes” unánimes y con gozo, a medida que más hermanos siguen llegando a la iglesia hispana de... More

Living Our Mission Every Day

When Jane* came to the Adventist Health Medical Group Rockwood Urgent Care in Portland, Ore., she was emotional, tearful and smelling obviously of alcohol. I looked over her extensive medical... More

Selawik Holds Baptism

For years, Marie Savok looked forward to the day her husband, Peachy, became a baptized member of the Adventist Church. That day finally arrived on July 9. Marie was baptized many years... More

Palmer Church Holds VBS

The excitement was high at the Palmer Church during the month of June, in anticipation of the first Vacation Bible School held in many years. The preparations had been in the works for weeks.... More

God's Miracles Bring Meridian Mortgage-Burning

If there is one thing members of the Meridian Church know, it is this: The story of how their church came to be is nothing less than a miracle. They celebrated God’s providence in a mortgage-... More

Montana Youth Rush Partners With Local Churches

The Montana Youth Rush program partnered this summer with local churches to reach their local communities for Christ. More than 20 students took on the privilege of carrying God’s truth door to... More

Student Lives Changed at Milo

Kolby had been running from God most of his life. In fact, he actively sought ways not to engage with Him. After a year at Milo of hearing the gospel in class, from the pulpit and through other... More

Grants Pass Youth Baptized

Four youth of the Grants Pass Church marked new beginnings in July by committing their lives to Jesus Christ through baptism. Many were present to witness these miracles and affirm, “Yes, we... More

Big Lake Staff Member Dies in Fall

Big Lake staff member Brian Robak, 28, fell to his death while returning from the summit of Mount Washington Thursday afternoon, June 30. Robak’s relationship with Big Lake Youth Camp in... More

PAA Summers Mean Learning, Working

Every summer at Portland Adventist Academy (PAA), sports camps, international student immersion courses and the Smart Start program bring more than 160 young people to PAA’s... More

Kids Can Be Missionaries Too

Ethiopia is almost halfway around the world from Portland. When Lucy Russell found out she was going there on a mission trip it was really scary, but, over time and with the help of her parents... More

'The Incredible Race' Held in Grants Pass

Fifty children were part of the Incredible Race Vacation Bible School at the Grants Pass Church. The lower half of the church was transformed into turbocharged racing fun July 11–15 as the... More

A Glimpse of Camp Meeting

Each morning about 10, I walked through the Gladstone campground to the Junior tent where life was going full throttle. Along the way I prospected for gold nuggets at the Butterfly playground,... More

Thousands of Books Shared During UCC Youth Rush

"I had a young man stop at my house” wrote Mrs. C, a Spokane, Wash., resident who was visited this summer by one of the 30 young people participating in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC)... More

Bible Comes to Life for Pathfinders During Fair

Where would you expect to find hundreds of young people and adults dressed in khaki and black? At Upper Columbia Academy for the 2016 Upper Columbia Conference Pathfinder Fair May 13–15, of... More

Torkelsen Passes Torch at UCA

Linnea Torkelsen is a name synonymous with Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash. She has worked with a number of principals and business managers to assist in miracle after miracle enabling... More

Dollar Club Ministers at Gas Station

I stood in the hot sun, shielding my eyes and looking out at the Fred Meyer gas station. I prayed that God would give us divine appointments, and little did I know just how He would fulfill that... More

Camp Meeting Generously Shares Hope, Wholeness

Elmo should be dead or at least in serious condition at the hospital, but not at camp meeting. About a month before, a 9 mm bullet went through Elmo’s head. “The doctors told me I... More

Chehalis Steps Into the Sanctuary

Jennifer Hubbard’s sons were playing outside about a week after Vacation Bible School in Chehalis. They spotted a little girl in the neighborhood and instantly recognized her from VBS. Before... More

Bellevue's Continuing VBS Legacy

Vacation Bible School is a big thing at Bellevue Church. Over the past 20 years, as many as 120 children annually enjoy the summer time program, and about half the children come from the neighborhood... More

Four Northwest Members Totally Involved in Rwanda Evangelism

Four representatives from the Pacific Northwest — Cami Oteman, Mendy Corwin, David Belcher and Mark Trethewey — were part of a historic evangelistic experience in Rwanda. An... More

Southeast Seattle Community Connects Through Health Seminar

Only 52 percent of Seattle's population is affiliated with Christianity, according to the Pew Research Center. Ellen G. White’s counsel could not be more timely and relevant in... More

Port Angeles Runs For God

The Olympic Discovery Marathon came to Port Angeles on June 5. This event, which included 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon races, was attended by runners from 30 states and a number of... More