August 2015


Letters to the Editor

An Appealing Appeal

[Re: "An Appeal to the Family," June 2015] I could not agree more. Over the years there have been many instances where I have not agreed with the way things have gone...


Let's Talk


“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.” — Mark Twain

Since my earliest days, music has gone straight to my heart. Operatic...



New From Pacific Press

Editor's Note: Periodically the Gleaner will feature reviews or summaries of recently published books from the Pacific Press Publishing Association. Following are the...


Tongues of Fire

This year the powerful planners of camp meeting called upon me to teach a class on the Holy Spirit. This subject fascinates me as a former Adventist preacher’s kid, turned Pentecostal, turned...


After the Ordination Vote, What Now?

By the time you read this, the General Conference Session in San Antonio will be history, and world church delegates will have voted on perhaps the most explosive Adventist issue of our lifetime....



Los Hechos del Espíritu Santo

“Y el Señor añadía cada día a la iglesia los que debían de ser salvos.” (Hechos 2:47) Uno de mis maestros del Seminario Teológico Adventista... More

Nurse Navigators Provide the Face of Care

Patients and visitors who walk into any of the Adventist Health hospitals in the Pacific Northwest are greeted with warm, friendly smiles. But there are some patients who arrive in the early morning... More

Intertwining Church and Home …

Over the last several years, we have heard church research experts, pastors and leaders discuss the issues related to losing our young people from churches and schools at alarming rates. We have... More

Sitka Pastor Connects With Community

As the new pastor of the Sitka Church, Nathan Stearman wondered how he might be able to connect in a meaningful way with the local community. It didn’t take long to discover one very... More

Anchorage Northside Becomes Debt-Free

When Anchorage Northside Church moved into its building in 1992, members knew that it was going to need some major remodeling. They needed an elevator or lift so wheelchair-bound members and... More

Idaho Falls Meetings Change Lives

The greatest manifestation of God’s power on this earth is the unity of His people. God’s power was evident when the Idaho Falls Church worked hard and closely together to lay the... More

Three Angels Featured at Montana Conference Camp Meeting

This year's theme for Montana Camp Meeting was “Angels' Voices Today," a study of the Three Angels' Messages. Keynote speakers included Ken Denslow, North American Division... More

Soup Kitchen Provides Warm, Delicious Ministry

“Oh, no,” sighs John Weston as he pulls the crusty garlic bread from the oven. He slices the bread, quickly dumps it into the basket and sets it on the serving table. He rushes to get the... More

Silverton Church Enjoys High Day of Baptisms

What a joyous and long-to-be-remembered Sabbath May 16 was for the Silverton Community Seventh-day Adventist Church as three people were added to church membership: Arlene Scruggs; her... More

Four Baptisms Bring Day of Rejoicing to Gladstone

May 9, 2015, was a day of rejoicing at Gladstone Park Church because Drew Bassy, Tom Lee, Don Enslow and Ron Tise were baptized. Each man has his own story, but the date was chosen because... More

Women Explore Ocean of Emotion in Rockaway Beach

If you ever want to experience the wild up-and-down emotions similar to the ocean waves, collect a group of women from various churches, group them together in a house by the sea for a weekend, mix... More

Medford Members Serve as God's Hands

God often speaks through impressions. When His people listen and respond, amazing things happen. In Medford, Ore., the homeless population is significant. From standing on street corners to... More

Roseburg Church Reaches Out Through Prophecy

The Roseburg Church is a church with a mission: to share the good news of Jesus' love with Bible prophecy about the signs of our times. The church hosted the Prophetic Signs Seminar with... More

Families Grow During Project Patch 'Family Experience'

It isn’t easy being a family. Families are filled with people with different personalities, opinions and ways to solve problems. The James family is a pretty typical family with a dad, a mom... More

Rogers Welcomes New Staff

The Rogers Adventist School family in College Place, Wash., is welcoming three new staff members for the 2015–16 school year.  Nancy Barnett comes from the Ohio Conference,... More

Pathfinder Fair Includes a Farewell

Ask any Pathfinder, and he or she will tell you that Pathfinder fairs in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) are always special. But this year several amazing things occurred. The first... More

UCA Surprised by Friendship Tournament

Walla Walla University has an annual Friendship Tournament that provides the opportunity for different Adventist academy basketball teams to come and play each other. Held in several gyms... More

Upper Columbia Conference Holds 77th Constituency Session

During the 77th Upper Columbia Conference constituency session, held May 31 in Spangle, Wash., nearly 500 Upper Columbia Conference delegates overwhelmingly voted to approve the reelection of all... More

‘A Time to Forgive’

Monday, June 17, 1996, began as a beautiful, sunny day in College Place, Wash., for Darold and Barbara Bigger. Darold worked in his office in the Theology department at what was then Walla Walla... More

Auburn ABC Makes New Connections

Ed Lindsay remembers when Adventist books were sold from a tennis court tent at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting. “It rained just before camp meeting that year,” Lindsay recalls.... More

Kegley Family Carries Camp Meeting Legacy

Whenever someone has a roll call at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting for who has attended camp meeting the longest, Albert Kegley always bypasses — with ease — attendees who have 20, 40... More

Washington Camp Meeting Trains Young Disciples

The children’s divisions (ranging from infancy to young adults) typically have large attendance on the weekends and a smaller but steady attendance during weekdays. Not this year! "We... More

Auburn Students, Parents Minister in Pohnpei

Many school mission trips feature a large group of students and chaperones who head to destinations around the world. A small group of Auburn Adventist Academy students and parents tried a new parent... More