NPUC Executive Committee 2006–2011

  • Ammon, Donald R.
  • Barahona, Doug
  • Borg, Kami *
  • Canals, Ramon *
  • Clark, Dick *
  • Corder, Jon *
  • Crawford, Ken *
  • Dodds, Larry...


Dear fellow members:

The North Pacific Union Conference was organized more than 100 years ago to help members and local conferences share our Adventist message in the Northwest. That...


Let's Talk

Perfect or Passionate

An old story tells of a hopeful young bachelor searching eagerly for the Perfect Woman. Day in and day out the quest continues until finally he hits the mother lode —...


Perfect or Passionate

An old story tells of a hopeful young bachelor searching eagerly for the Perfect Woman. Day in and day out the quest continues until finally he hits the mother lode —...




In the Caring Heart Award Winners article [July 2011 GLEANER] Herbert Sweezey's parents were not identified correctly. His parents are Robert Sweezey (deceased) and...


NPUC Constituency FAQ

With the North Pacific Union Conference constituency session coming up Sunday, September 11, here are some questions and answers in an attempt to demystify the process. You can view an expanded...



A Journey of Faith

The Let's Talk column on "Fate or Faith" in the June 2011 issue of the GLEANER came at...


From the GLEANER Archives Who Are These Former NPUC Presidents?

Can you identify these distinguished gentlemen? Do the names Walde, Cottrell, Johnston or Scriven tickle your memory? Which name goes with whom? And when did they...



A Report on Northwest Church Mission Editors' Note

During challenging economic times, Northwest Adventists are more apt than ever to ask if the North Pacific Union Conference and the six local conferences within its...


Ad Hoc Mission Advisory Group Sidebar--Members

The advisory group met six times: Aug. 26, 2010; Nov. 18, 2010; Jan. 17, 2011; March 3, 2011; March 31, 2011; and April 27, 2011. Group members were:

... More

A Report on Northwest Church Mission Advisory Group Members Speak Out

GLEANER: What expectations did you bring to the initial meeting of this committee?

RUTH HARMS: I expected it...


Ad Hoc Mission Advisory Group A Few Figures, Facts and Findings

North Pacific Union Conference Ad Hoc Mission Advisory Group members encountered a number of comments as they talked with people in their home conferences. Some of the...



ACCION En Cristo y en su Causa

Más de 800 personas se dieron cita el último fin de semana de Junio en la Academia del Valle de Walla Walla en Washington, para celebrar el Campestre Hispano de la Conferencia de Upper Columbia bajo... More

Adventist Health Embraces Innovation

The world is becoming innovative. Now more than ever, people and businesses are trying to come up with great ideas never thought of before. It is known Edison didn't invent the light bulb on his... More

Ketchikan Celebrates Double Baptism

On June 25, Jo Ellyn Baham and Tracy Salazar made a public profession of faith through baptism at Ward Lake in Ketchikan, Alaska. Todd Ervin, Ketchikan Church pastor, ministered the ordinance of... More

Alaska Reconsiders Mission

In an endeavor to reach the population base of the Last Frontier, which includes some of the most isolated areas in the United States, the Alaska Conference has partnered with the Voice of Prophecy... More

Alaskan Teens Demo Disaster Response

"We believe that teens can be involved in church-planned community service events," emphasized Tammie Kovalenko, teen division camp meeting leader, to Butch Palmero of Adventist Community Services... More

Idaho Constituency Report

"Disciples in Action" was the theme for the 52nd-Session of the Idaho Conference, which met May 22 at Gem State Adventist Academy. This theme anticipates conference membership being motivated and... More

Students Lay Wreath At Tomb of Unknowns

Recently 24 students and adults from four Idaho Conference elementary schools took a two-week school fieldtrip to Washington, D.C., from March 24–April 8.It took three days by train to get to D.C.... More

Thomsen Ordained at Idaho Conference Camp Meeting

Anthony Thomsen, pastor of The Experience in Meridian, Idaho, was ordained on Sabbath, June 18, at the Idaho Conference Camp Meeting in Caldwell, Idaho. Thomsen was previously the pastor of the... More

MEA goes through Summer Updates

With a new school year fast approaching, Mount Ellis Academy has been in full swing with campus and online changes. In late June, the decision to move forward with necessary changes in the Ad... More

Leaders Work to put Winnings to Best Use For Sewer System

Last summer, in what seemed like every nation, tribe and tongue, people were talking about the sewer system at Mount Ellis Academy. It's old news now that MEA won a $500,000 grant with 144,000 votes... More

Gladstone Camp Meeting Coming Home ... Again

Go to Gladstone Camp Meeting. Stand in the main plaza. Wait long enough, and you'll see just about anyone who's ever been an Adventist. That's not literally true, of course, but sometimes it seems... More

Portland Adventist Academy Teacher Earns Doctorate

Tim Erich, Portland Adventist Academy social studies department chair, recently received his Doctor of Education degree from La Sierra University."Earning a doctorate is a test of perseverance," says... More

Students Bring Smiles to Parkhurst Manor

With a mixture of joy and excitement, students from the Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School in Hood River, Ore., made their way to Parkhurst Manor for their final visit of the year.Stacy Duffield... More

The King's Heralds On the Road

The King's Heralds performed several concerts in the Oregon Conference this past summer. These included stops at: Coquille, May 4; Meadow Glade, June 22; McMinnville, June 23; Sunnyside June 25;... More

ONLINE SIDE BAR for Gladstone Camp Meeting article

Special Online ContentHere’s a quick guide to who wore what at the Oregon Camp Meeting:T-shirts (with logos):· Black: Better Life Broadcasting Network· Blue-gray: completed 5K Fun-Run on Friday... More

More Camp Meeting News

Visit gleaneronline.org to learn more about Gladstone Camp Meeting.Read "A Quick Guide to Who Wore What at Gladstone Camp Meeting 2011" to learn about the "uniforms" of camp meeting.

Volunteer Revives VBS at Forest Grove

Monday morning, June 13 marked a significant event in the Forest Grove (Ore.) Church. For the first time in many years, the Forest Grove Church held Vacation Bible School. It began months earlier... More

Hometown Nazareth Where Jesus was a Kid

Vacation Bible School at Sunnyside Church in Portland, Ore., drew more than 134 children from June 20–25. Nearly 40 were non-members. More than 100 adults volunteered and donated food each night.... More

Follow the Lamb

In January 2011 when the Brookings Church invited the community to a Revelation Now seminar, they did not anticipate the overwhelming results.More than 50 guests attended many if not all of the 22... More

Winter Gala a Success

It is not often that we as a church family have the opportunity to meet together with our sister churches dressed in our "After 5" garb for a night on the town. However, that opportunity arose with... More

Academy Foundation Launches Website

The Upper Columbia Academy Foundation is excited to announce the development of a new website. The Foundation is an independent group consisting of alumni, friends and family of Upper Columbia... More

We Can Keep Them in the Church

The book We Can Keep Them in the Church, compiled by Myrna Tetz, urges leaders in local churches to involve the youth in leadership and outreach activities. One church following this appeal is the... More

Evangelistic Meetings A Wonderful Event

As the evangelistic series, led by Brian McMahon, drew to its conclusion in May, the members of the Valley View Church in East Wenatchee, Wash., had many reasons to rejoice. Over the course of two... More

Sharing Jesus in Irrigon

The Irrigon Church was proud to have hosted the All About Jesus Revival Seminar presented by Lee and Marji Venden. The seminar was held at the Irrigon Church in Irrigon, Ore., but was attended by... More

More of His Travelers than Ever

Eight young adults lit a flame of inspiration across Eastern Washington this summer. The group called His Travelers, visited 16 churches around the Upper Columbia Conference conducting Vacation Bible... More

More WWU News Box

Auditions for WWU students at Positive Life Radio take place three times each year. Students are invited to stop by for information and a tour. The station is located in Canaday Technology Center.

More Than a Job Positive Life Radio a positive experience

Melissa Erbenich remembers when she was five years old, sitting on her mom's lap on Friday evenings, listening to Positive Life Radio while her mom pampered her by painting her nails. Even then she... More

Lacey Continues Depression Recovery Outreach

Thirty-three people participated in a Nedley Depression Recovery Program in February and March at the Lacey (Wash.) Church.Each session began with a DVD segment from Neil Nedley, M.D., who has a... More

Mountain View Benefits from Church Support

Behind every successful school is a supportive church — and the Mountain View Christian School in Sequim, Wash., appreciates the help of volunteers from the Sequim Church.Volunteers manage the... More

5-K Off to a Running Start at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting

Washington Adventist Camp Meeting attendees got their blood pumping in a new activity introduced by Washington Conference's health ministries. Nearly 30 people, ages 13 to 79, officially participated... More

Love of Gardens Benefits Student Scholarships

Auburn Adventist Academy supporters recently organized a community garden tour called Pleasures of Planting to benefit student scholarships.When Samir Berbawy, AAA principal, asked at the opening... More

The Big Picture of Ministry

Did you know ... 83 percent of Washington Conference churches are working together to "Reach Washington" and starting an evangelistic series on Sept. 30?Discover Morewashingtonconference.org

Evangelism Anchors Camp Meeting Messages

Albert Kegley from Shelton, Wash., remembers attending Washington Adventist Camp Meeting every year — for 75 years."I can't remember when I didn't come to camp meeting," says Kegley. For the last 15... More

Teens Serve Friday Harbor

Forty service-minded teenagers and chaperones from western Washington volunteered for this year's Local Teen Mission Trip in July. This year they chose Friday Harbor in Washington's San Juan Islands... More