March 2011


A Very Present Gift

Have you ever been so anxious to share a gift with someone you love you just couldn't wait?

Many years ago, I was pastor of a church...


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“If in faith you seek for a greater measure of God's Spirit, you will be constantly taking it in and breathing it out. Daily you will receive a fresh supply.” (Ellen...



“If in faith you seek for a greater measure of God's Spirit, you will be constantly taking it in and breathing it out. Daily you will receive a fresh supply.” (Ellen...



Did You Know?

Words, Words, Words

The GLEANER annually edits more than 250,000 words of news and information for...


Dodge and Hastings Accept New Roles

Gary Dodge, North Pacific Union Conference Planned Giving and Trust Services...



Land of Beginning Again

On the same day my husband and I received the February GLEANER, I started reading...


From the GLEANER Archives Can You Tell Us Where This Is?

If you can tell us anything about this photo, including who, when and where, let us know. Go to the GLEANER blog site at and add your...



The Elder Emeritus His Name Was Ed

I never knew his last name. Like Peter, James, John and Paul, it never seemed to matter. He was no longer young, but in his later eighties. His wife had died and he had...



ACCION ¡Estoy Feliz Por Haberme Bautizado!

Erika no se sentía digna de venir a Jesús. Su pasado era tan triste y tan feo que ella pensaba que Dios no la amaba. Erika nació en un hogar disfuncional. Desde pequeña su vida había sido muy... More

Adventist Medical Center Touching Hearts

Major cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in Oregon, with heart disease and stroke coming in at second- and third-place, according to the most recent data from Oregon’s Department of... More

Kairos Prison Ministry

The Kairos Prison Ministry is a structured weekend with talks, chapel visits, prayer, singing, laughing and home-cooked meals. Adventist women, along with women of other denominations, went into... More

Alaska Conference Changes

The Alaska Conference executive committee voted to draw conference and church leadership closer and align administration with ministry. Two pastors were appointed to fill the recently vacated... More

McPherson Retires After 22 Years as Idaho Conference President

The Idaho Conference hosted a retirement celebration for Steve McPherson, Idaho Conference president since 1988. More than 225 people attended, showing support and appreciation. The festivities began... More

God's Miracle Playground Desert View Christian School

A dedication ceremony for “God’s Miracle Playground” was held on Dec. 18, 2010, at 12:30 p.m. at Desert View Christian School in Mountain Home, Idaho, for new playground equipment. Paulette Jackson,... More

Christmas Crèche Exhibit Performance Desert View Christian School Students perform with the Chimes

On Dec. 4, 2010, the Desert View Christian School students performed with the chimes at the annual Christmas Crèche Exhibit at the Stake Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on... More

ShareHim Boot Camp Features High Energy and Inspiration

ShareHim boot camp didn't seem exciting to one Kalispell (Mont.) Church member.After attending, however, she changed her mind: "WOW, the energy and holy spirit are palpable in the room," she says. "... More

A Weekend of Prayers

The Holy Spirit was the special invited guest at the second-annual Oregon Conference fall prayer retreat at Grove Christian Camp. From the first gathering around a delicious vegetarian dinner to the... More

Students Turn Pillowcases Into Dresses

Lace, buttons and bias tape helped students in Maurita Crew's 5–10 class at Three Sisters Adventist Christian School in Bend, Ore., transform 17 pillowcases into cute, functional dresses. Darlene... More

Springfield Church begins New Year with Prayer and Baptisms

Soft music and candlelight provided a meditative background for the Springfield (Ore.) Church Jan. 14–15.Members participated in a New Year's Eve Prayer Vigil until midnight, praying quietly,... More

Mustaches for Men's Health

While the mustache is a fashion statement of the past, this school year at Portland (Ore.) Adventist Academy it made a temporary comeback in honor of a worldwide effort for men's health.The annual... More

Hood View Junior Academy Goes Green!

Sustainability and recycling are important in every aspect of life, but especially at school. Hood View (Ore.) Junior Academy has embraced this concept, and students, parents and faculty alike are... More

One Voice for God

whether it’s singing for vespers, listening to music videos for worship, or participating in band, choir, bells or One Voice, music is a big part of Milo Adventist Academy.One Voice is a small... More

Becky Barts Fills Associate Superintendent Position

The Upper Columbia Conference executive committee voted to invite Becky Barts to serve as associate superintendent of education. Barts, who is currently a teacher at the Spokane Valley (Wash.)... More

Community Welcomes Post Falls Church Health Outreach

Post Falls folks heartily received the health and vegetarian cooking classes in a row sponsored by the Post Falls Church in Post Falls, Idaho. Sixty-five people attended the Live Vegetarian Cooking... More

UCA Students Visit Churches Area Church Service Day

There’s a van parked outside Upper Columbia (Wash.) Academy’s front campus promptly at 7 a.m. on Saturday. Four students get in and the van drives off. Then at 7:45 a.m., another group of youth get... More

UCC Members Plan Hospitality Weekends

At the recent Upper Columbia Conference pastors' retreat at Camp MiVoden, Bob Folkenberg Jr., UCC president, shared an initiative to help members be intentional about their outreach efforts.The Share... More

UCC Adopts Vision Statement

The Upper Columbia Conference adopted an official vision statement at the recent conference executive committee meeting on Jan. 25. The statement paints a picture of what the church will be like just... More

UCC Approaches Evangelism With Grass Roots Effort

A little more than a year ago, the Upper Columbia Conference launched the Share the Life evangelism initiative. Share the Life seeks to encourage and equip members to live every moment fully consumed... More

UCC Slavic Ministry Begins Global Webcast

The Upper Columbia Conference Russian-language television ministry, The Open Book Channel, recently began broadcasting via the internet.The Open Book Channel, which signed on the air in Spokane, Wash... More

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Cendrillon: Music Instructor Writes French OperettaWWU Hosts NAD Campus Ministries ConventionFish and Wildlife Hires Seven WWU Students

What More Could We Ask of Ourselves? Tax team takes second place in challenge

"The four of us were quarantined in a small room with nothing but our textbooks, calculators, pencils, scratch paper and thoroughly stuffed brains."This is how Walla Walla University junior... More

Free Computer Classes

Bonney Lake (Wash.) Church held four free computer classes on Sundays throughout January. The interactive basic computer skills classes featured instructors Doug Hamerly and Carol Burnham, church... More

Youth Choose to Listen to Jesus

Two actors delivered simultaneous monologues with Jesus beckoning and the devil questioning an audience of more than 600 youth, parents and youth group leaders who had to choose who they would listen... More

PSAA Students Thankful for Belize Mission Trip

It's not every day 54 juniors and seniors from Puget Sound Adventist Academy in Kirkland, Wash., are up and going at 4 a.m., especially during Thanksgiving break. Despite the hour all were excited... More

Auburn Students Live Their Mission

Earlier in the 2010–2011 academic year, Auburn Adventist Academy students selected a vision statement — "United in passion for Christ." However, they decided to wait and consider four mission-... More

The Big Picture of Ministry

Help us Reach Washington! Churches and schools are invited to host an evangelistic series beginning Sept. 30. Plan now to be involved!Discover

SAA Students Plan Community Dinner

Skagit Adventist Academy in Burlington, Wash., recently held a community dinner for the Skagit County Community Action Agency. More than 90 people from the community attended.Students helped with all... More