February 2010


Stewardship It's All About Life

Last month I shared how I was privileged, early on in my ministry, to share Wednesday afternoons with Mel Rees. Around his dining room table I learned some "big ideas"...


Let's Talk

What Are You Reaching For?

I had been eying the iridescent green bottle on the top shelf of the linen closet for days. It was out of reach ... and therefore desirable. To my three-year-old eyes,...


What Are You Reaching For?

I had been eying the iridescent green bottle on the top shelf of the linen closet for days. It was out of reach ... and therefore desirable. To my three-year-old eyes,...



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Churches Will Target Haiti Relief February 6

Many of the 470 churches Haiti's Adventist members worship in are now...



Letters February

I will get to the point. Why is the NPUC wasting financial resources by spending money on sending out The Great Controversy to members? I am not alone in this...


Letter Box February


Do you have a comment or question regarding something you've read in the GLEANER? Or, perhaps a brief anecdote or...


God Got His Lawn Mower Back

When someone stole a riding lawn mower from the storage shed at the Yelm (Wash.) Adventist Church on or around March 11 last year, they didn't reckon on divine...



ACCION Los Secretos de la Vida Traen Esperanza a Miles de Personas

Esperanza tenía todo a su favor. Tenía una familia hermosa, bonita casa, excelente salud y un restaurante Mexicano muy exitoso y próspero. Ella trabajaba largas horas para mantener su negocio a flote... More

GC Youth Director Speaks to Young Alaskans

The first-ever Alaskan Youth Summit was held at Anchorage Junior Academy Oct. 30–31, 2009. Organization was provided by the Alaska Youth Ministries. The event was designed to address youth... More

Bristol Bay Mission School Still Has an Impact

Forty years after the mission school in Aleknagik, Alaska, closed, its impact continues. Fred Davis attended there as a teenager in the 1960s from the village of Selawik, Alaska. He was baptized... More

Middleton Church Celebrates Baptisms in New Building

On Nov. 21, 2009, the Middleton (Idaho) Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated its first baptism in their new building. Alvin Schnell, head elder, baptized Charles and Frances Cortez. He also... More

Gem State Student Speaks Out for Christ

I paused, my eyes dancing and my hands in the air, mid-motion. The children leaned forward eagerly awaiting the answer to my question. As speaker for the Sept.14–18, 2009, Week of Prayer at Caldwell... More

Billings Features All-Youth All-Night Lock-in

Following an outpouring of requests for more youth programs and activities, the Billings (Mont.) Adventist Church made plans for an all-youth, all-night lock-in at the church on Oct. 31, 2009. It was... More

Great Falls Harvest Party

One of the favorite social events in the Great Falls (Mont.) Church is the annual harvest party, sponsored by the Five Falls Christian School. Over the years, members have had everything from bake... More

Follow the Star in Gladstone

For eight years, the Gladstone (Ore.) Campground has hosted Follow the Star. Beginning in September, volunteers begin setting up seven scenes. Conceived by Gladstone Park Church members, the event... More

Giving: The Lifeblood of Columbia Adventist Academy

At the end of a $6.2-million-dollar-capital-campaign tunnel at Columbia Adventist Academy, one might think it's all about the money, but that couldn't be further from the truth. A key component of... More

"Amazing Grace" Recognized For 35 Years of Service

Lela Faulkner, leader of the Canyonville (Ore.) Adventist Community Services, presented a plaque to Grace Alice Mentzel in recognition of her 35 years of volunteer service.At 95 years old, Mentzel is... More

Portland Adventist Academy Moves to Lose

Teachers and faculty at Portland Adventist Academy participated in a friendly competition resulting in a weight loss of 115 pounds by 24 staff members over a ten-week period.The "Move It or Lose It"... More

Secrets of Life Brings Hope to Thousands

Esperanza had a beautiful family, a nice home, excellent health and a prosperous Mexican restaurant. But she was still lacking something. Empty, lonely and spiritually starved, she knew she needed... More

Milo Elementary Shares Christmas Around the World

Milo Adventist Elementary School has been studying Christmas in different countries. Each student chose a country and then made display boards which talked about the traditions of that country and... More

Baptism Highlights Springfield Christmas Program

The baptism of a smiling, Linda Pelkey was the peak of a high Sabbath in Springfield, Ore., Dec. 19, 2009. This was Lutz Binus' first baptism as new pastor to Springfield Church. Violins, little... More

Woodland Church Members Deliver Delicious Holiday Cheer

Members of the Woodland (Wash.) Church spread holiday cheer by providing delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for local families in 2009.Since 2001, members have been preparing the meal boxes.... More

Medford Reflections

The Medford Church started off on a sad note as we bade farewell to our John and Amy Wiltenburg, associate pastor and wife, as their family relocated to Tennessee.In the spring, we mourned for three... More

Journey to Bethlehem From Hermiston to Bethlehem in Twenty Minutes

Five area Adventist churches worked together to produce the second annual Journey to Bethlehem experience. Anchor Point, Hermiston, Heppner, Irrigon and Hermiston Spanish churches enjoyed the... More

Journey to Bethlehem

"Best Christmas pageant I've ever seen;""Incredibly professional;""Can't believe it's the first time;""It fed my soul;""I'm coming to your church next Sunday." (It was explained that we worship on... More

A Birthday Party For Jesus! Anchor Point's Christmas Gift

Anchor Point Church in Hermiston, Ore., annually celebrates Jesus' incarnation with a birthday party including special gifts toward local needs.This year, Anchor Point decided on two worthy projects... More

Box: More UCC News

Watch a short video of Chef Mike Linderman at www.uccsda.org/proof.Also online at gleaneronline.org: Thirsty for More? How One Family Came to Christ.

Jordana GLOWS with True Happiness

When Jordana Ashburn read about "true happiness" she decided to try it out. Four years ago, Ashburn turned her life over to Christ and shortly after, she read these simple words in the book, Ministry... More

Tri-City Junior Academy Class Feeds Hungry Children

When Tri-City Junior Academy's, in Pasco, Wash., first- and second-grade teacher, Verna Canaday, heard about the Adventist Development and Relief Agency's offer to match six dollars to every dollar... More

Yakima Church Celebrates Faith of Pioneers

In the summer of 1894, Elder S.H. Kime and several assistants held tent meetings in North Yakima, Wash. After the North Yakima meetings in 1894, Robert S. Donnell, conference president, reported: "At... More

Revival In Hermiston Anchor Point Church

In October, the Anchor Point Church in Hermiston, Ore, was blessed by the ministry of Lee and Margie Venden. For 10 days members gathered nightly to hear about Jesus. Hearts were warmed and revived... More

Journey to Bethlehem Events Impact 7,400

Despite cold December 2009 temperatures, more people than ever took the Journey to Bethlehem in the Upper Columbia Conference. In addition to the familiar Hermiston, Ore., and Spokane, Wash., area... More

Carpenter in the Kitchen Sharing Christ One Meal at a Time

An important component of reaching our community for Christ is finding ways to serve as His hands and feet. Our service to others builds relationships and opens hearts to the gospel. That's what Mike... More

Thirsty for More How One Family Came to Christ

David and Tina Hopkins grew up in nominal Christian homes but slipped away from God as the cares of living pulled them into survival mode. But there was a longing in their hearts for the Lord.... More

Portland Embraces WWU Nursing Students

Last fall, Jonathan Russell, pastor, felt God telling him there was something to be done in Portland, Ore. Not sure how it applied to him, he kept quiet about it. Until he was offered a call. He... More

BOX: The Big Picture of Ministry

The Adventist church is empowering youth to make a difference through ministry and service to help young people to take Jesus to the world.

Holiday Outreach Nurtures Community Connections

Church holiday programs are becoming more purposeful in creating community connections as church members invite their neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances, and friends to attend a variety of... More

AAA Students Host Christmas Party for Children

Enthusiasm and merriment filled the air as dozens of children piled off a school bus and flooded the cafeteria at Auburn Adventist Academy in mid-December 2009.For the sixth consecutive year, AAA... More

Skagit Develops Caring Citizens

Skagit Adventist School in Burlington, Wash., implemented a service-oriented extra-curricular program this school year.Every Wednesday afternoon, the school provides a service activity. As the... More

Sequim Hosts Depression Recovery Seminar

Sequim (Wash.) Adventist Church wrapped up its first eight-week Dr. Neil Nedley's Depression Recovery Program in November 2009 with 19 participants receiving certificates of completion.The church... More

Washington Conference Session

Notice is hereby given that the 58th Regular Session of the Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists® will convene in Auburn Adventist Academy Church, Auburn, Washington, on Sunday, April 18,... More