October 2009

Did You Know?

Did You Know - October 2009

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To Serve is to Love

Be nice to your brother. Don't gossip. Clean up after yourself. Help your friends. Treat your neighbor as yourself.

I grew up with the...


Let's Talk

The Project

When our front porch began to exhibit characteristics of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, I saw an inestimable opportunity to learn a new skill.

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The Project

When our front porch began to exhibit characteristics of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, I saw an inestimable opportunity to learn a new skill.

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FYI - October 2009

Oregon Men’s Conference

Make plans now to attend the 2009 Oregon Men’s Conference, Nov. 6–7 at the Holden...



Hermiston en Accion

"Cristo en la familia," fue el lema utilizado por la Iglesia Hispana de Hermiston durante su retiro espiritual y matrimonial. El orador principal para este retiro fue el...



Alaska Conference Advocates a Safer Workplace

With today's troubling headlines, workers are more concerned than ever about their well being — and their ability to react quickly and appropriately in an emergency. The teacher's conference held Aug... More

How to Build a Church with Rhubarb

One thing Alaskans know how to grow is rhubarb, and Becky and George Alder are no exception. This April, as they stood looking over their crowded garden plot, they agreed something had to be done.... More

It Takes Fellowship and a Health Message

Adventist Health Ministries in Alaska envisions a proactive path for developing local churches. Health ministry is an essential part of Adventist mission work because it reveals God's character as... More

Cloverdale VBS Kids Learn How to Serve Jesus

The central theme for this year's Vacation Bible School at the Cloverdale Adventist Church in Boise, Idaho, was My Community. August 3–7 revolved around how children can serve and witness for Jesus... More

Eastern Idaho Offers Teen Retreat

Twenty-one high school, home school and church school teens, most of them from small communities in Eastern Idaho, gathered at Camp Tawakani on Aug. 7 for a weekend of fun, inspiration and fellowship... More

Kalispell Montana Youth Conference

Dreams of starting a youth conference in Kalispell, Mont., with the purpose of challenging, inspiring and equipping young people from all over the Northwest became reality July 30–Aug. 2. In keeping... More

Lewis and Clark Meet Mt. Ellis on the Missouri

In keeping with tradition, Mt. Ellis Academy students in grades 9–11 spent the first week of school in the great outdoors. This year outdoor school meant paddling 47 miles through the White Cliffs... More

A Simple Dream A Simple Ad

On Feb. 9, the Central Point (Ore.) Church began an outreach program under the direction of Iris Eastwood, member, and Ben Salazar, head elder. The goal was to teach and educate neighbors about the... More

Cheetah Comes to VBS

The Myrtle Creek (Ore.) Church Vacation Bible School used a western theme with cowboy hats, neckerchiefs and more during Aug. 20–21. Western tunes were sung with modified words about David and his... More

Gladstone Camp Meeting 2009 Large Crowds are Powered to Serve

This year's theme, Powered to Serve, sought to give attendees the tools and encouragement needed to better serve their families, churches, communities and beyond. The 80th annual Gladstone (Ore.),... More

Happy Bridge of Fellowship

About 12 years ago, the Canby (Ore.) Church began renting their quarters to members of the Pacific Covenant Mennonite Church for Sunday services.Shortly after arriving in October of 2007 as the new... More

PAA Hires New Teachers and Staff

Portland Adventist Academy welcomes: Tim Erich, Stephen Lundquist, Drechelle Larry, Jonathan Schaffer and Greg Damazo as new teachers and staff members.Erich joins PAA as head of the social studies... More

The Road Back to Gladstone

She was born in Lents — one of Portland's blue-collar neighborhoods on the southeast side. Both her parents were Adventists; in fact, "My mother and brother helped build the Lents Church," says... More

VBS Rides at Gladstone Park Church

This year's Vacation Bible School theme was "Avalanche Ranch — A Wild Ride through God's Word." Children, ages 5–12, attended the program from July 6–10 at Gladstone (Ore.) Park Church. There were 16... More

Baptism Becomes Witnessing Opportunity

When 11-year-old Beth Ann Dobson came to live in Northport, Wash., last fall she didn't know what was in store for her life. She only came to spend six months with her great aunt and uncle due to... More

Camp Chelan Adventure

Recently the Wenatchee youth ministry department, Crossw@lk, took 40 youth and ministry staff to Camp Chelan, Wash., for a weekend of paintball, swimming, snorkeling, boating, jet skiing and worship... More

Cowboy Camp Meeting Draws a Crowd

The most recent Adventist Horseman's Association Cowboy Camp Meeting was held June 30–July 4 at Tamarack Springs, outside Ellensburg, Wash. Highlights of the 27th annual Cowboy Camp Meeting included... More

Intentional Friendship Leads to Baptism

Tom and Sharon Hughes looked radiant as they prepared for their baptism June 20.They recently moved from California to Deary, Idaho, where they lived most of their lives.Upon arriving in Deary, Tom... More

Lava Flows in Pendleton An Explosive VBS Reaches Kids For Christ

Jesus' love flowed like lava during the Pendleton (Ore.) Church Vacation Bible School week, Aug. 3–8. Children visited Lava, Lava Island and learned about Jesus' love in an explosive way.Suzette... More

Renck's Ministry to Youth Transcends His Life

"How many of you attended Robert Renck's Primary class sometime over the last 25 years?" Throughout the packed Spokane Valley (Wash.) Church, a large percentage of teens and young adults raised their... More

Sharing God's Love A Sanctuary-Themed VBS

This year children at the Valley View Church Vacation Bible School in East Wenatchee, Wash., explored and learned about the Sanctuary. “Exploring the Sanctuary 2009” shared what God’s people were... More

The Christmas Spirit Lives All Year Long for PLR Listeners

The last time you crossed the sweltering blacktop of a grocery store parking lot in midsummer did you think of Christmas? Not likely, unless you were participating in Positive Life Radio's 11th... More

UCA Adds New and Familiar Faces

Upper Columbia Academy has been blessed with devoted teachers since it opened in 1945. This year, one out of three teachers have dedicated ten or more years to the school. "I can't imagine working... More

Our Best Kept Secret

Did you know that the Upper Columbia Conference has a secret? Well not really, but did you know that we as a church own over 150 acres on the North side of Lake Chelan? That's right! We own property... More

Generosity in Service Legacy Is Going Strong

In the 1920s, new graduates, diplomas in hand, would leave what is now Village Hall to march across College Avenue, climb up the stairs and walk through the newly completed Gateway to Service, which... More

Crocodile Dock in Auburn City

Crocodile Dock was the theme of Auburn City Church's Vacation Bible School organized by Linda Burman and assisted by more than 30 dedicated volunteers. Church member's children and 23 neighborhood... More

Bible Study Groups Strengthen Emerald City

A Sabbath Bible Study, held at the Emerald City Adventist Community Church in Seattle, Wash., has proven to be an asset to the church.The study is in its third year and began when one newly baptized... More

International Students Benefit From AAA's New Orientation Program

Students from 11 countries arrived early on the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy to participate in a new, three-day international student orientation program.This new orientation helps... More

Sunset Lake Focuses On Camper's Spiritual Growth

Seventy-five staff members at Sunset Lake Camp (near Wilkeson, Wash.) had one purpose this summer: to help young people find Jesus."What sets Sunset Lake apart is the way we minister to and provide... More

VBS from a Kid's Point of View

Church and neighborhood children gathered each evening to enjoy fun-filled activities at Auburn City's (Wash.) Crocodile Dock. At the Sing and Play Swamp Stomp, the children learned new songs about... More

VBS Offers Child-Friendly Evangelism

In the long, hot, lazy days of summer, Vacation Bible School provides children with a fun, faith-based environment to learn about Jesus and build friendships."Vacation Bible School provides a dual... More

World News Briefs - October 2009

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