Did You Know?

Did You Know?

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Our Unsung Heroes in Uniform

Sue and I had the privilege of spending 10 years of our professional ministry in youth work. We would both agree that these were without question some of the happiest...


Fresh Start

In Voluntary Joy

One of my most vivid memories of Pathfinders is belting out the song, “… volunteers, volunteers, voooooooool—unnnnnnn—teeeeeers!” However, it wasn’t until I had grown up...



Small Groups

Small Groups

As soon as possible, begin a small group with your missionary partner and anyone else who will join, particularly anyone... More


Award-winning Care in the Comfort of Home

Think about traveling for long periods of time. Don’t you miss your own bed? Familiar food? Your furry, four-legged friends?Now think about being in the hospital. Besides worrying about recovery,... More

Jail Ministry Yields Baptism

Florie Jewel thought she was only coming to Alaska for one summer of adventure, but that was almost 11 years ago. She fell in love with bush Alaska—the warm-hearted people, the vast land and the... More

MVAS Presents The Bethlehem Inn 400 Community Members Attend

MVAS Presents The Bethlehem Inn 400 Community Members Attend The Mat Valley Adventist School (MVAS) hosted a Christmas feast and program for more than 400 people from the Palmer area, including John... More

Cool Ringings

"You can do it! Within 48 hours every one of you will be playing beautiful music,” said Ben Purvis, Gem State Adventist Academy's music director, to the more than 100 fifth- to eighth-graders... More

The First Baptism in the New Meridian Church Chavez Joins God's Family in Baptism

Jasmine Chavez became the first person to be baptized in the new Meridian Seventh-day Adventist Church on Dec. 2, 2006. Chavez spent several weeks studying with Garey Gantz, Meridian Church pastor,... More

Meridian Church Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Live Nativity

The Meridian Church celebrated the 10th anniversary of their "Live Nativity" on Dec. 15 and 16, 2006. To celebrate this milestone, actors played out the "Story of Jesus' Birth" during a guided walk... More

Grandmothers Share Jesus

For Lorraine Heater and Darlene Portra being grandparents is more than a title: It’s a mission.About two years ago 7-year-old Sarah Heater sat down beside me at Native American Camp Meeting at Fort... More

11th Annual Pinewood Derby Montana Conference Pathfinders Convene for Race

Montana Adventurer and Pathfinder clubs converged at Mountain View Adventist School gym on Sunday morning, Jan. 28, for the 11th annual Montana Conference Pinewood Derby. At 10 a.m., the lights went... More

Sidewalk Kids Hour Orchards Members Reach Out to Their Community

The Pathfinder leadership of the Orchards Church in Vancouver, Wash., wanted to find a way to reach out to the children in their neighborhood, so they started Sidewalk Kids Hour, held at Orchards... More

Lents Holiday Bazaar Much More Than a Fundraiser

The Lents Activity Center (LAC) is special to Marilyn Fowler. In September 2004, just months after attending a prophecy seminar held there, she joined the Lents Church by profession of faith.Last... More

I Found Jesus at Milo Christian Education is Evangelism

After being home-schooled for 10 years, I enrolled at Milo Adventist Academy. My spiritual life was at an all-time low. I felt empty and yearned for a closeness with God. In Sabbath School we were... More

Livingstone Student Wins Poster Contest

Joel Robinson, an eighth grader at Livingstone Adventist Academy, won an art contest for his poster on recycling. His class collects and manages recycling for the entire school. So it was no surprise... More

Columbia Adventist Academy Welcomes Four New Staff Members

Columbia Adventist Academy welcomed four new members to its staff this school year.Gayla Rogers is the new accounting teacher. She lives in Bend, Ore., and is a former principal at Three Sisters... More

PAA Teen Studies Abroad

At just 16, Trevor Haynes, a Portland Adventist Academy junior, got on a plane to leave his home, his school, and all that is comfortable. He spent the next four plus months in Costa Rica, grappling... More

Monte Robison Ordained to Ministry

Monte Robison was ordained on Nov. 4, 2006, at the New Life at Glendoveer Church. Robison, the son of a pastor, has always been drawn to spiritual things and began his college experience majoring in... More

Married to Christ A Unique Look at Baptism

Danielle Sustaire committed her life to following Christ on Friday evening, Jan. 5, 2007. In a ceremony resembling a wedding, candelabras were lit while three candles flickered on a table in... More

Journey to Bethlehem Blesses Kelso-Longview Area

The Kelso-Longview (Wash.) Church marked the 10th anniversary of the Journey to Bethlehem, an event that they host to bring Christ back into Christmas. This year, 7,045 people came from the community... More

Snow Story Mid-Columbia Pathfinders Experience the Deep Freeze

There is no doubt in the minds of parents and grandparents how important Pathfinder clubs are in the lives of children and teenagers. And there is not enough thanks that can be said to the dedicated... More

Capstone of the Call Eric Shadle Ordained to Pastoral Ministry

"It was humbling and awe-inspiring…It was like the capstone to the long journey into pastoral ministry.” These were the words of Eric Shadle, M.D., as he reflected on the experience of ordination to... More

Sharing Christ UCA Students Host Evangelistic Series

What happens when a teenager has a dream about sharing Christ with others? Add a few friends, a sponsor, and a determination to make an evangelistic series all their own, and you get a nine-night... More

Pathfinders Find Friendship At Teen Retreat

I noticed Terri (not her real name) walking over to talk with Pastor Kevin Wilfley. That was nothing new because teens normally congregate around him to gain insight to his talk or to share comments... More

Valley Christian Students Active and Learning

In Kittitas Valley, the Valley Christian School (VCS) is continuing to work on their remodeling project with members contributing help in various ways. Meanwhile, the students are having fun learning... More

Wildcats Spring to Action

A recent Sabbath at the Newport (Wash.) Church found the Pend Oreille Valley Wildcat Pathfinder Club in charge of the church service.The Pathfinders, Adventurers and the Eager Beavers were all in... More

Baby Dedications Evert Babies

We were blessed with a special baby dedication in our Inchelium (Wash.) Church. John Evert, retired paster and his wife, Evelyn, who have been missionaries most of their lives, were honored to... More

Pathfinders Study the Word of God

Pathfinder Bible Achievement fondly referred to as the Bible Bowl is an annual event open to all Pathfinder Clubs.The focus of this program is for as many Pathfinders as possible to participate as... More

Pohnpei Project Student Project Breathes New Life Into Old Lab

Three and a half years ago, Walla Walla College (WWC) student Raymond Betz spent a year teaching in the computer lab at the Pohnpei Seventh-day Adventist School. Like dozens of WWC students each year... More

Evangelism Gains Momentum in Western Washington

Evangelism Gains Momentum in Western Washington Momentum is no longer an unknown or little used word in Western Washington. Churches across the region are catching the excitement of a lifestyle of... More

Follow That Star Poulsbo Students Perform Original Play

Despite the recent storm and the power outages throughout the area, the Poulsbo Adventist School (PAS) was still able to perform their annual Christmas program, proving that the saying “the show must... More

Auburn Adventist Academy Welcomes Three New Staff Members

Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) welcomes three staff members to the team: Erin Hieb, who works in the alumni and development office; Gordon Onsager, as director of major gifts; and Sarah Onsager, as... More

David Comes to Life Churches Host Benefit Play for Local Hospice

The enigmatic biblical hero David came to life last November on the stage of Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Wash.The play, developed by Dick McCoy, composer, author and director, addressed the... More