July 2005

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1. In the ear. The stirrup or stapes bone. It is about the size of a grain of rice.

2. Belize,...


Quiz Questions

The teachers profiled on pages 7–9 wrote these questions. Questions 1–5 and 11–15 come from first- through third-grade classes. Questions 6–10 come from academy Bible...



Who Are the Heroes?

There are stories of heroes in all cultures across all ages. Yet many today lament the lack of heroes. Could it be that too many people are looking for heroes in the...


Fresh Start

Wise and Otherwise

In a parking lot I recently witnessed a car and a pickup roll toward the same parking space. Both were obviously determined to seize it. A grizzly mountain man rolled...



In His Image

In His Image Times have changed. I recall being a tall, lanky eighth-grader who stood out like a giant among my classmates. The temptation to slouch was there, but my mother always encouraged... More


Touching Lives in Tillamook County

Webster’s dictionary defines faithfulness as "keeping faith; worthy of trust; honest, loyal, reliable and dependable; accurate, exact and true; and full of faith, especially religious faith."... More

Alaska Students Meet in Anchorage for Track and Field

On a cool Thursday near the end of the school year, 70 students from four of Alaska’s seven Adventist schools assembled at the Wendler Middle School track for a day of traditional track and field... More

"Thanks to Your Prayers, I’m Coming Home!”

"Thanks to Your Prayers, I’m Coming Home!” Late one Wednesday night, the phone rang just as I was settling into sleep. “Hi, Ms. Linder; it’s Joleen. I’m sorry to bother you, but I thought you’d want... More

Eastern Idaho Students Raise Playground Funds

The students of Adventist Christian School (ACS) in Idaho Falls, Idaho, have actively helped to raise funds over the past nine years to add lockers, new carpet and flooring, and now playground... More

Gem State Launches New College-Credit Classes

Gem State Adventist Academy (GSAA) announced plans to launch three concurrent college-credit classes for next school year. In these concurrent classes, students will receive both high school and... More

Forever Changed A Student's Firsthand Account

Though I am a junior at Gem State Adventist Academy, I didn’t grow up in an Adventist home. My parents belong to two different denominations. I attended my mom’s church until I was 11 years old, didn... More

Gem State Mission Trip Accomplishes Four Projects

Thirty-three students and 20 adults participated in the Gem State Adventist Academy mission trip to Osvaldo Arrieta’s pastoral district in Ensenada, Mexico, in March. The group undertook four... More

Salmon Students Help Community in Unique Ways

God brought the Salmon (Idaho) Adventist School some unique and meaningful ways to be involved in their community this year.A local historical site, the Sacajawea Center, grows a community garden... More

Lessons Come to Life Outside the Classroom

Classes, outdoor school, Bible study, the Mt. Ellis climb, skiing, sports, work, worship, mission trips—are all integral parts of a Mt. Ellis Academy (MEA) education. This is because academics,... More

Mt. Ellis Students Add Rooms to Mexican Church

A group of Mt. Ellis Academy (MEA) students traveled to Gauchochi, Mexico, March 21–31 to add two schoolrooms to the Adventist church there.Among those students was Chris Gillig, an MEA senior who... More

Rivergate Preschoolers Help Make a Wish

The preschool class from Rivergate Adventist School (Gladstone, Ore.) raised more than $300 for the Make a Wish Foundation this year. March was dubbed "Make a Million for Make a Wish," and the... More

RVAS Teacher Honored by Medford Wal-Mart

RVAS Teacher Honored by Medford Wal-Mart Rogue Valley Adventist School (RVAS) teacher Michelle Wachter was named Teacher of the Year by the Medford, Ore., Wal-Mart in May. The award came with a $1,... More

RVAS Senior Academy Approved by NAD

Rogue Valley Adventist School (RVAS) passed a milestone in its goal of becoming one of the few NPUC K–12 schools when the North American Division visiting committee approved its senior academy status... More

Milo Students Serve in Mexico

Milo Academy students, staff and parents wanted to do all they could for the people of Acapulco, Mexico, on their mission trip during spring break. So they accepted a big challenge: operate a medical... More

PAA Develops Steel Drum Band

With Portland Adventist Academy’s (PAA) band eligible to go to the Oregon state final competition for 2A league schools every year since 1988 and finishing first in the state nine times, and the... More

Volunteers Install New Playground at Klamath Falls School

Students, parents, church family and friends of the Adventist Christian School in Klamath Falls, Ore., recently spent a Sunday assembling new play equipment for their school’s playground. Eighty-five... More

Senior Project Beautifies PAA Entrance

Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) senior Andrea Melnychenko chose to design and plant a landscape at PAA's south entrance as her senior project.Melnychenko's interest came from working the last two... More

Two Generations Benefit from Scappoose Program

Residents of Rose Valley Assisted Living have been sharing time with the kindergarten students at Scappoose Adventist School (SAS) twice each month. The kindergarteners and residents alternate visits... More

Livingstone's Hero in the Classroom

If you combined the teaching experience of the rest of the high school staff of Livingstone Adventist Academy, it would just about equal the experience of Howard Hodges—both in years and subject... More

Central Valley Students Raise Funds for ADRA

I was sorting mail yet again when I came across a letter from the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). I opened the letter to find statistics and facts that made the hair on my arms stand... More

Columbia Offers Unique Experiences

Small schools like Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) are able to offer students some unique opportunities that are fun as well as educational.For example, freshmen in CAA's physical science class... More

Milo Student Journeys from Korea to Jesus

When Mark Oh left Seoul, South Korea, to attend school in the United States, he thought he was embarking on an academic journey. But this trip led him all the way to his heavenly home.Oh’s hosts were... More

UCA Students Selected as Spokane Scholars

Each year a significant number of Spokane-area businesses and executives join together to honor scholastic excellence. They invite area high schools to send their top seniors in each of several... More

CCA Develops New Touring Group

At the beginning of the 2004–05 school year, CCA’s choral director, Dan Kravig, and Vicki Downer, drama director, decided to combine their programs in a unique way. Instead of teaching separate... More

CCA Kids Keep Scripture in Hearts and Minds

Shannon Fisher has been teaching at Cascade Christian Academy (CCA) for 18 years and has decided that one Bible text would never apply to her classroom. Sound suspicious?The Bible text that Fisher... More

WWVA Students Pursue "Truth, Honor and Loyalty"

Walla Walla Valley Academy’s (WWVA) school song opens with a pastoral vision of this academy, located “where the Blue Mountains rise to meet the skies, hills and valleys of green make a paradise."... More

UCA Alumni Celebrate Service

For this year’s alumni weekend, Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) featured a number of people who had rarely, if ever, even been to the campus before. They were representatives from service organizations... More

One-Room School Offers Best of Both Worlds

Mention the words “one-room school,” and most people think of pioneer days, slate boards and a pot-belly stove keeping the room warm—far from the picture of modern schools with high-tech equipment... More

Strategic Planning Drives SJA's Future

Innovation is an expectation in 2006 at Spokane Jr. Academy (SJA). While preparing for the construction of a new campus, many associated with the school are engaged in building a new school from the... More

WWC Wolves Make Adventist Sports History

Underdogs can be underestimated. Last-minute contenders can be miscalculated. And small schools can produce sports teams that everyone loves but from whom nobody expects major success.This year, the... More

Seahawks Quarterback Visits Orcas Campus

Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, visited Orcas Christian School (OCS) recently to talk about his relationship with Christ and how a mission trip he took to Jamaica changed his life."If... More

Auburn Ministers Through Gymnastics

Tumbling, tossing, three highs, four highs, backflips and even pyramids—what does any of this have to do with ministry? At Auburn Adventist Academy this year, we are proud of a unique ministry, the... More

Homeschoolers Spark Growth at Small School

For the second year, Cedarhome Christian School (Stanwood, Wash.) teacher Sherri Seibold opened her classroom on Friday mornings to a homeschool extension program. Now attendance is steadily... More

Skagit Adventist School Becomes Senior Academy

The North American Division on-site visiting team gave unanimous approval Jan. 19 for Skagit Adventist School (SAS) in Burlington, Wash., to expand to 12 grades.The school will add 11th grade this... More

Puget Sound Seniors on the Road to Success

Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) strives for excellence in academics, spiritual endeavors and personal relationships. Of the 22 students graduating from PSAA this year, at least 17 plan to go to... More

PSAA, AAA Take Joint History Tour

Judging from the enthusiastic responses from students and adults, the first annual Puget Sound Adventist Academy/ Auburn Adventist Academy Spring Tour was a success. Instead of going home at spring... More

A Dean's Testimony Auburn Dedicates New Dormitory

After many hours of searching for the right words to convey what an amazing event the new Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) girls' dorm dedication and open house was, I gave up! My words just did not... More

Puyallup School and Church Are Ignited and United

Nelson Crane Elementary (Puyallup, Wash.) had a deficit of over $100,000 four years ago. Today its goal is to return their yearly stipend back to their home church, thanks to compassionate and... More

Buena Vista Students Get Hands-on with History

History comes alive in the Buena Vista Elementary School (Auburn, Wash.) eighth-grade classroom as the Transcontinental Railroad chugs around the entire classroom. This huge model railroad was... More