January 2005

Did You Know?

Bible Scramble

Unscramble the letters in each word to discover the passage.




It Can Happen Here

As I write this editorial, I am in the midst of the Christ 2004 evangelistic series. It is an experiment—a multicultural experience....


Fresh Start

Go Fish

Some years ago when I was visiting Alaska, a local approached me and said, “I want to take you fishing.”

“Well,” I stammered, “I’m not...



Night Duty: Answering God's Call

Tom Stafford unlocked the door to the chaplain’s office and flipped on the light. Everyone was gone for the day, but as a relief chaplain at Adventist Medical Center (AMC) in Portland, Ore., Tom had... More

Preserving the Spirit of Healing: The Chaplains' Endowment

At AMC, chaplains are a critical component of patient care. To that end, the hospital has established a Chaplains' Endowment Fund with the ambitious goal of raising $6.2 million. After four years,... More

Wibberding Ordained to Gospel Ministry

Lonnie Wibberding was ordained as a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Oct. 16. Wibbberding currently pastors two churches in southeastern Alaska. The service was attended by Ken Crawford... More

Olson Ordained to Chaplaincy Ministry

Keith Olson was ordained to the chaplaincy ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church at a special service Oct. 23 at the Midtown Church in Anchorage. Both local church members and conference... More

Anchorage New Births: 35 New Members and One New Church

Beginning with a power-packed weekend directed towards those who wished to re-energize their lives, All Power Seminar speaker Leo Schreven addressed more than 500 people in a renovated Anchorage mall... More

"Total Workout" Handbell Clinic A Ringing Success

Bells flashed and rang, filling the air with a symphony of sound, delightful to the ear and invigorating to the senses. Hundreds of bells and more than 50 high school ringers had spent two days... More

Mt. Ellis Academy Senior Recognition

On a snowy morning, the Mt. Ellis Academy class of 2005 officers soared through the air in medical helicopters. Suddenly the roar of helicopter blades could be heard over the campus, and the... More

We Are His Daughters Montana Women’s Retreat

Montanan women gathered at Glacier Bible Camp in Hungry Horse for the annual Women’s Retreat, Sept. 10–12. Hyveth Williams, Loma Linda (Calif.) Hill Church senior pastor, was the keynote speaker. Her... More

The Mystery of the Missing Brochures Lakeview Church's Evangelistic Series

Several years had passed since Lakeview Church had last held an evangelistic series, and members knew that their community needed to hear the three angels' messages again.Steve and Alberta Cook,... More

Joy in the Journey Lives Changed at Sunriver

"Joy in the Journey," this year's Christian Women's Retreat began with an unusual announcement by Corleen Johnson, women's ministries director: "Tami Horst, our speaker, has been delayed. We just... More

Recovery Ministry Weekend Features Smoking Cessation Pioneer

Linda Hyder Ferry, MD, MPH, was the featured speaker for this year’s Recovery Ministry weekend. Ferry is a Seventh-day Adventist pioneer in the field of smoking cessation and the primary consultant... More

Rockwood Adventists Reach Out to Former Members

The Rockwood Adventist Church will launch an outreach to missing members via a television advertising campaign on Portland's Channel 6 and a variety of seminars, concerts, and classes.The TV ad... More

Senior Adventure Transformed: Community Service at Pathfinder Paradise

Of all the events that Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) seniors share in their final high school year, few are as highly impacting as Senior Adventure. This year’s class of 22 students and four staff... More

From Peanuts to the Passion of Christ: Inspiring Times at Milo Adventist Academy

When Pastor Jeff Deming, also known as "PJ," came to Milo Adventist Academy to speak for week of prayer, he started out on the right foot. He got everyone laughing. Danita Rasmussen, a freshman from... More

PJ's Place

Q. Halo 2 just came out and I think it is cool, but my parents say it's from the devil. Is it okay to play this?A. I have a question for you. Do you want to value God in your life? Here is what He... More

Northwest Men's Conference: A Call to Action

"I felt God’s power—I loved it!”“This has been a deep spiritual blessing.”“My soul was extremely blessed.”Three hundred men attended the Northwest Men’s Conference organized by Oregon Conference... More

A Win-Win Situation Cultural Exchange in PAA's Junior English Class

Joan Oksenholt, Portland Adventist Academy English teacher, reports that 15 out of 62 students in her junior English class are from countries such as Argentina, Korea, Japan, Norway, Australia,... More

Conference Open House for New Church Members

New members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church attended the annual New Member Day Open House at the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) office on Sunday, Nov. 14, 2004. The open house is held each year... More

One Blessing After Another

Katie Church grew up in a strong Christian family and went to a Sunday church each week. “We just had a great life growing up surrounded by God, love, the Bible and everything,” she remembers.In high... More

Post Falls Sanctuary Dedication Caps High Weekend

When the Post Falls (Idaho) Church hosted an agape feast for their district on Friday night Oct. 22, the Otis Orchards (Wash.) Church joined them.Following the joint communion, there was a joint... More

Project Impact WWVA Students Make an Impact in Their Community

The classrooms and halls at Walla Walla Valley Academy (WWVA) were curiously quiet on Oct. 29, 2004. Nearly 300 students and teachers abandoned classes for the day to continue a wonderful annual... More

Something for Everyone at the Family Fellowship Festival

Upper Columbia Conference held its annual Family Fellowship Festival at Upper Columbia Academy in Spangle, Wash., Nov. 12–13, 2004.This year’s special guests were G. Edward Reid, North American... More

Warren J. Blanck Ordained in Goldendale

Warren J. Blanck was ordained Oct. 9, 2004, at the Goldendale (Wash.) Church. Gerald Haeger, Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) ministerial director, led out in the ordination charge. Gordon Pifher, UCC... More

Wenatchee Church Presents the 12th Annual Brody Award

The Wenatchee Church presented its 12th annual Brody award to Carl and Betty Campbell at its church service on Oct. 23, 2004.The Campbells have given so much to our community in their graceful,... More

With Jesus My Life Has Meaning It Is as Simple as That

Meghan Collier became a ward of the state when she was nine years old. Meghan’s parents were sent to prison and Meghan, along with her brothers and sisters, were placed in foster homes. Hoping that... More

WWVA Puts Mission In Action with Food Drive

Walla Walla Valley Academy (WWVA) freshmen Brittany Englehart and Sonja Rootvik sit in the Bible classroom at Walla Walla Valley Academy with 6,000 pounds of food collected by students for the... More

Positive Life Radio Listeners Provide Relief for Cambodian Flood Victims

Positive Life Radio's (PLR) fund-raising campaign, Rice for Cambodia, recently brought in a total of $82,393.32 to purchase rice for victims of flooding in Cambodia. The money will purchase 317 tons... More

Organ Artist Brings Us Baroque

Kraig Scott didn’t set out to become an organist. But he did have an intense interest in music. “Many people don’t realize that there has been more music composed for pipe organ than for any other... More

Amahl and the Night Visitors A Four-star Performance

As Amahl left his mother in their poor shepherd's hut to follow the three kings to the Christ child, the curtains slowly fell to thunderous applause, almost drowning out the final notes of the live... More

Conference Office Move Update

Plans are in motion to move the Washington Conference headquarters from the current location in Bothell to a more central site. During the 2002 conference constituency session, it was voted that the... More

Greenlake Church Begins New Ministry Improv Comes to Seattle

Greenlake church recently began a series of events carefully designed to reach out to the people in their neighborhood, as well as to the young adults and University of Washington students in the... More

New Youth Director Selected for the Washington Conference

David Yeagley was recently elected to serve as the Washington Conference youth director. David replaces Craig Heinrich, who recently moved to Northern California. Yeagley has a rich history of... More

Scholarship Endowment Fund to Honor Cesar Umayam

The Kirkland Church family was deeply saddened by the death of a most beloved member, Cesar Umayam, on Oct. 19, just a few days before his 51st birthday. A skilled carpenter, handyman and mechanic,... More

Spanish Lay Congress Trains Members for Outreach

Recently the Spanish-speaking members of our conference gathered in the Kirkland school gym to hold a lay congress featuring training on various aspects of ministry for the local church.The afternoon... More

Tackling Prophecy Students at AAA Lead Evangelistic Series

Students at Auburn Adventist Academy have taken spiritual leadership to another level this year through an entirely student-run evangelistic series entitled Students Equipped to Evangelize for the... More

Women of Spirit Dinners

Five Women’s Ministry leaders of Kitsap county churches hosted a dinner for 65 women at the Port Orchard Church fellowship hall, on Oct. 17. Members from all the area churches were encouraged to come... More

Each of Us Can Make a Difference

One of the most wonderful things about having been raised in the interior of Alaska with a bush-pilot father and a colportuer mother was traveling to many of the remote towns and villages that dot... More