February 2004

Did You Know?

Fast Facts

The Seventh-day Adventist Church was first officially organized in 1863 with 3,500 members, all within North America.

Today, more than...


Our Worldwide Church

Worldwide churches – 51,000 with 12.3 million members

Sabbath Schools – 112,541 with 15.3 million members

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My Friends with Young Families, Remember: The Cat’s in the Cradle

The Cat’s in the Cradle

When our kids were small, some well-meaning sage would comment to us, “Well, enjoy them now because before you know it, they’ll be...





Wow! 1,077 campers this last summer. That's great. I spent a good part of the 80s working at Sunset Lake, and just returned in September for a... More



Wow! 1,077 campers this last summer. That's great. I spent a good part of the 80s working at Sunset Lake, and just returned in September for a... More

Fresh Start

Facing the Great Depression

There’s an intriguing line of research on depression that shows one group in our society as being significantly less affected by this mental illness than any other group...



Caring for the Whole Person

Caring for the Whole Person At 50 years of age, Quincy wanted to manage on his own. He felt too young for home care. But his condition deteriorated, and soon he could not adequately care for himself... More

Web Site and Telephone Lead to Baptism

Sometimes coming fully to God takes time—15 years in the case of Dale Van Sandt, a new Eagle River Valley Church (Eagle River, Alaska) member. Long ago, his was a lifestyle of selfishness and instant... More

Kincaid Receives Courageous Administrator Award Conference Secretary Recognized for Taking Risks

At the sixth annual Sprout Convention held in Naperville, Ill., Jim Kincaid, Alaska Conference secretary, was presented the Courageous Administrator Award given annually to an administrator willing... More

Dental Team Treats 500 in Fiji

When a 26-member interdenominational dental team traveled from Anchorage, Alaska, to Vatuvonu, Fiji, in September, "picking out the spiritual campfire songs was the challenge!” according to Pam Libby... More

Gem State Special Ops Called Up for Christmas Duty

The buzz of excitement hung in the air as the Gem State Adventist Academy Rangers prepared to load the bus for yet another special operation, this time to help with last minute gift-wrapping at the... More

Miracles Bring Second Chance

This is a story about happy endings—and second chances.In August 1954, a very young girl named Donna gave birth to an unnamed baby girl. This baby girl, later known as Debra, was adopted as soon as... More

MEA Seniors Survive Week Outdoors

Mount Ellis Academy seniors traveled to the Shields River area in the foot hills of the Crazy Mountains for a week of Senior Survival and camping.Spiritual survival, plant-eating survival and outdoor... More

Quartet Shares Music, Worship and Fellowship

Only "enthusiastic interaction" can adequately describe the concert presented by the quartet CHOSEN (Children Holding Our Savior Eternally Near) at the Lewistown (Mont.) Church on a Friday evening... More

Students Summit Mt. Ellis

Mt. Ellis Academy students carried out the tradition of climbing Mt. Ellis, the mountain for which the academy was named. Many of this year's students climbed Mt. Ellis for the first time this year.... More

Klamath Falls Series Brings In New Members

Eighteen new members made decisions to follow Jesus and join with the church, and several others are studying, following the Life Discovery evangelistic series held at the Klamath Falls (Ore.) Church... More

PACS Serves the Needs of Thousands

It’s 8:30 on a weekday morning at Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) Center, and already a long line of people awaits entrance in a half hour to seek food or other assistance.When you run... More

Albany Shares the Bread of Life

Going with the concept that it is better to give than to receive, the Albany (Ore.) Church broke the traditional Christmas caroling routine and tried something new and exciting this year.Normally... More

Book Spawns RVAS Prayer Warriors

As Rogue Valley Adventist School (RVAS) seventh and eigth graders progressed through their worship book, Prayer Warriors by Celeste Walker, last fall, their prayer time increased. Soon prayer time... More

RVAS Updates Computer Lab

Rogue Valley Adventist School (RVAS) places a great deal of emphasis on computer education, including keeping technology current. Last year the CPUs were updated and the number of workstations was... More

PAA Hosts Head Start Christmas Party

Most of the students at Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) spent the first day of Christmas vacation as they have for the last several years—by sharing God’s love and blessings with 106 children from... More

Code Blue: Meadow Glade Science Goes Real-World

"Pardon me, but I have to report back to my medical clinic on the latest advances in orthopedic research and development, and I was wondering what you had found in your research," says a young lady... More

Oregon Missionaries Build, Heal and Minister in Baja

Under the guidance of veteran Baja travelers Dan and Becky Hershberg, Oregon Conference constituents journeyed to San Quintin, Baja California, for a two-week mission trip in November 2003. The 37-... More

Milo Students Give Life at Annual Student Association Blood Drive

The Red Cross Bloodmobile pulled across the covered bridge on Nov. 12, 2003, to collect blood from brave Milo staff and students age 17 and older. Every 15 minutes throughout the day, two or three... More

Unique CAA Student Paraphrases Lord's Prayer

Vera Gerega may look like any other Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) student, but her journey to the academy began a world away. Born in Belise, Moldova, she and her family moved to Springfield, Mass... More

Richland Pastor Challenges Congregation

Keith Hanson is making a career change that is based on conviction and faith. Hanson found that he was being led to additional service focused on ministry to children and youth. He worked with the... More

Richland Celebrates Children's Sabbath

The Richland (Wash.) Church celebrated the value and importance of the children in their congregation by having a special Children's Sabbath. Members of the Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs and junior... More

Milton Pathfinders Celebrate Baptisms

Fully one-third of the club was baptized on Pathfinder Sabbath at the Milton-Freewater (Ore.) Church.The Pathfinder club had attended and worked in support of the evangelistic series finished only... More

Milton Family Life Series Inspires Youth

Milton Family Life Series Inspires Youth "How can we make the most positive impact on families in our community?” we asked at the first meeting of our new family life committee at the Milton-... More

TIPS FOR AUTHORS: What Kind of NEWS Stories Are the Gleaner Editors Looking For?

—Share ideas and methods for outreach and nurture that other churches can try. —Inspire church members to reach out to their friends, neighbors and family members in a way that attracts them to... More

Family Fellowship Festival Offers Something for Everyone

Upper Columbia Conference held its annual Family Fellowship Festival at Upper Columbia Academy in Spangle, Wash., Nov. 7–8, 2003.This year’s special guests were Ivan Blazen, Loma Linda University... More

Children Gather Food for Richland Needy

People of all ages can find ways to serve Jesus. The Klahani Pathfinders, Orcas Adventurers and Eager Beavers teamed up for a food drive in support of the Richland (Wash.) Church community services... More

Richland Church Gives Birth

Tri-Cities, Wash.—Hanford country. With several churches in the area, why do we need another one?Growth! That’s why. New people are flooding the area and need to meet their eternal Friend.About a... More

UCA Students "Go MAD!"

Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) just began its second decade of operating their unique community service curriculum, HOPE Task Force, and fresh things are still happening.Cheri Corder, director of the... More

Kettle Falls Church Dedicated

When a small group began holding church services in a private home in Kettle Falls, Wash., 10 years ago, they hardly dared hope that someday they would have a church of their own. But since then,... More

Students Awarded Scholarships from Independent Colleges of Washington

Independent Colleges of Washington (ICW) has awarded six Walla Walla College students with scholarships for the 2003–04 academic year.The Washington Mutual Minority Teachers Award was awarded to... More

2003-04 Distinguished Faculty Lecture Addresses the Subject of Community

Alden Thompson, professor of biblical studies, presented Walla Walla College’s 2003–04 Distinguished Faculty Lecture on Nov. 16. Thompson’s lecture, “Driven Away From the Presence of the Lord: The... More

Monroe Rings In Christmas with Baptism

As part of their Christmas celebration, the Monroe (Wash.) Church welcomed into membership Sean Crewse and Danny Morse through baptism. Crewse attends Kirkland Adventist School, and Morse followed... More

Small Church Celebrates Big Baptism

It’s not often that a small, country church is witness to the baptism of four men in one day unless it’s part of an evangelistic series. However, on Nov. 15, 2003, the Ferndale (Wash.) Church family... More

Bread of Life Feeds West Seattle Neighbors

Bread of Life Feeds West Seattle Neighbors Seattle's Breath of Life Church members saw the recent economic downturn, which struck especially hard in Washington, as an opportunity to reach out to... More

Day of Prayer Marks New Year

The weather was frightful. The roads were treacherous. The snow was falling. The temperature was frigid. In spite of all the challenges about 400 people braved the elements to attend and be blessed... More

AAA Students Lead Tutor Program

We like to think of Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) as a family, but the true heart of the students was felt recently as more than 45 volunteered to give their time to a newly organized peer-tutor... More

Auburn Girls Get Blanket "Hugs"

How do you help someone from a distance? This was the problem facing the Washington Conference women's ministries department after the recent Auburn dormitory fire destroyed many of the earthly... More

Sow 1 Billion

Sow 1 Billion is a world-church initiative with an extraordinary goal—to distribute one billion special invitations to study the Bible. Adventist members around the globe of all ages, backgrounds and... More

Vibrant Life Gets New Editor

Charles Mills, Adventist author and media producer, has taken the helm of Vibrant Life beginning with the January/February 2004 issue as Larry Becker, outgoing editor and eight-year veteran of the... More