September 2003

Did You Know?

Amazing People Facts

In proportion to its size, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.

Apples are more efficient than caffeine at waking a person up...



Spectator Adventists

The reports swirl in from all points of the compass. “They say...” … “She did...” … “He what!?” Where they settle, the air is dank and heavy. You can cut it with a knife...


Fresh Start

The Hands of Time

"Enjoy the little things,” Robert Brault reminds us, “for one day you may look back and realize they were big things.”

I was reminded of...


North Pacific Union

Reconnecting Ministries Event for the North Pacific Union To Take Place October 11, 2003

A conference on Reconnecting Ministries will take place Oct. 11 in the North Pacific Union. The one-day event will combine inspiring stories and...



Beyond the Classroom Learning on the Job at Adventist Health

At Adventist Health, we believe that learning goes beyond the classroom. In fact, we’re convinced that on-the-job training is an essential part of the education process. Toward that end, the... More

Bicycle Tune-up Ministry

Midtown Christian Fellowship, Anchorage’s newest Adventist church, offered free bicycle tune-ups to cyclists on Anchorage's bike trail system in June during the annual Tour de Cure Ride for Diabetes... More

Alaska Youth Challenge

Armed with prayer and good books, eight Anchorage students and their leaders braved moose, biting dogs and rude comments in order to present Anchorage and Eagle River residents with the opportunity... More

Mid-summer Youth Rally

More than 100 youth from the Idaho Conference gathered on the campus of Gem State Adventist Academy July 11–13 for the third annual Idaho Conference Mid-summer Youth Rally. Games, activities, good... More

Girls' Dorm Renovation Causes Excitement

The girls cheered and Gena Cowen, girls' dean, smiled as news was announced that the girls' dorm at Gem State Adventist Academy would be refurbished. After more than 40 years of living, laughing,... More

Lewistown Hosts Communication Seminar

Loren Dickinson, Walla Walla College communication professor emeritus and Comm Consultants president, recently presented a two-part seminar at the Lewistown (Mont.) Church titled, “Up with Bridges,... More

Mt. Ellis Academy Class of 2003 Graduates

They were a small class with lots of energy working their way upward to a closer walk with the Lord. They know the past can't be changed, but the future has lots of opportunities for them.Nine of the... More

Heaven’s Harmony Children’s Music

Heaven’s Harmony Children’s Music God created special angels called children. In Montana, multi-denominational "special angels" ranging in age from four to 17 form Heaven’s Harmony Children's Music... More

Reconnecting Ministries Event for the North Pacific Union To Take Place October 11, 2003

A conference on Reconnecting Ministries will take place Oct. 11 in the North Pacific Union. The one-day event will combine inspiring stories and training sessions for those who are interested in... More

Hood View Members Improve Health Through CHIP

After years of planning, Hood View Church (Boring, Ore.) held its first Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) for the community. Based on video presentations by Dr. Hans Diehl, CHIP is an... More

A Man from Cadillac Milo Welcomes New Principal

Clint Sutton has accepted an offer to be principal of Milo Adventist Academy. Interim principal, Randy Bovee, will resume his previous position of vice principal for student affairs.Sutton arrives... More

CAA Honors Students of the Year

At the end of each school year, a Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) senior boy and senior girl are chosen as “Student of the Year" by the faculty based on how well they exemplify the mission of the... More

Simulating Parenthood CAA Seniors Practice Parenting

Seniors at Columbia Adventist Academy became parents for 48 hours in April. As part of their Marriage and Family class requirements, seniors cared for the newest generation of computerized dolls,... More

Gladstone Park Revelation Seminar

Fifteen thousand people received invitations to Gladstone Park (Ore.) Church's Revelation seminar held this spring at Denny's Restaurant and the church, leading to many new baptisms."I went when Bob... More

Lake City Jr. Academy Obeys the Great Commission

What is the purpose of life? Philosophers and wise men have missed the real answer for ages. Christ instructed long ago, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of... More

Ken LeBrun Ordained to the Gospel Ministry

It was on a mountainside beneath some sheltering trees where Jesus called the twelve disciples and sent them out to preach. Ken LeBrun chose a similar setting for his ordination to the ministry.This... More

Making a Difference in the Dominican Republic YACS Spring Mission Trip

Making a Difference in the Dominican Republic YACS Spring Mission Trip The Yakima Adventist Christian School (YACS) ninth- and tenth-grade class and their sponsors joined Maranatha Volunteers... More

Teens Work Hard in Local Mission Field

Amazing things happen when Pathfinder teens get together to provide assistance to a community. The recent Pathfinder Teen Mission Adventure to Valley Christian School, 12 miles west of Ellensburg,... More

A Performance of Joy SJA Showcases Young Musicians

Spokane Junior Academy (SJA) students filled the air with their musical talent at the annual spring concert in May. Music director Loren Frost crafted a concert full of youthful energy and increasing... More

KEEP Scholarships An Answer to Prayer

When school started this year at Adventist schools in the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC), prayers had been answered. They were the prayers of many parents whose children might not have been able to... More

A Working Man

Jim Wright. We saw him in church every Sabbath, a slight man in a soft grey suit and a black bow tie. In fact, his car was always in the parking lot before nine o’clock.Then one Sabbath, his daughter... More

Going Out Into All the Earth

During the 2003-04 school year, Walla Walla College (WWC) will have at least 68 student missionaries in far-flung places like Egypt, Namibia, Papua New Guinea and Thailand. A dozen of these... More

Positive Life Radio Holds Annual Sharathon Capping Fall Celebration

Volunteers look forward to a flood of calls pouring into their stations as Positive Life Radio (PLR) kicks off its three-day Sharathon event on Sept. 9 and brings Fall Celebration to a close.Fall... More

North Cascades SCUBA

The Super Cool Undersea Bible Adventure (SCUBA) brought 125 youngsters to the North Cascade Church in Burlington, Wash., June 29 to July 3.Under the direction of Kristine Livingston and 80 adult and... More

Enumclaw Welcomes New Pastor

Enumclaw (Wash.) Church members welcomed their new pastor, Bob Stephen, his wife, Cindy, and their two children with a presentation of orchid leis on May 3. Stephen enchanted his new congregation... More

Monroe and SAGE Build A Church Volunteers Honored for 100th Project

Monroe church members and friends celebrated their first church service in the shell of their new church on Sabbath, July 19. Dark green cedars pointed skyward beyond the framed walls, and puffy... More

God's Instruments Sylvan Chorale Sings for Rotary Club

Auburn Rotary Club members reacted with a standing ovation and tears of appreciation after Auburn Adventist Academy’s Sylvan Chorale performed "Lord Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace" for them on... More

Such a Small Thing Thirteenth Sabbath Offering

Such a Small Thing Thirteenth Sabbath Offering Why would we want to use mission offerings to build a new water treatment plant at a school that already has water? It seems like such a small thing.... More

Adventist Communicators to Meet in Sunny Orlando

The Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) will hold its annual meeting on Oct. 9-12, 2003, in sunny Orlando, Fla. This year's theme is "Putting the Magic in Communication."SAC is committed to... More

World's Largest Six-day Youth Event Faith on Fire International Pathfinder Camporee

Join 25,000 Pathfinders from more than 100 countries attending the North American Division Faith on Fire International Camporee in Oshkosh, Wis., Aug. 10–14, 2004. Not only will there be powerful... More