February 2003

Did You Know?

The work-a-day world

Whom we trust:

80% teachers

77% doctors

24% lawyers




African Americans Serving God and Community

For more than 77 years, February has been designated black history month to honor and recognize the accomplishments of African Americans in the United States of America. During...




Thank You Ed Schwisow

I read Ed’s farewell article in the December GLEANER with a lump in my throat. He has been a part of my life through the pages of the...



Thank You Ed Schwisow

I read Ed’s farewell article in the December GLEANER with a lump in my throat. He has been a part of my life through the pages of the...


Fresh Start

Sick and Wired

I felt like I’d been dragged through a carwash of Brillo pads drenched in battery acid. Every part of my body ached, including the skin on my elbow where Tubba, a buddy of mine in...



New Views on Christian Jobs

In recent decades there has been a growing trend toward Seventh-day Adventists entering civil courts and state service. This movement is a departure from the earlier traditional...



Walla Walla General Hospital Helps Patients Get to Sleep

Walla Walla General Hospital recently opened a Sleep Lab designed to assist physicians with diagnosing a broad variety of sleep disorders. The goal of the new program is to provide a quality service... More

Dropping In

Walla Walla General Hospital’s new MRI was “dropped” through the hospital’s roof and placed in its new home. Thanks to the new equipment, the facility now offers MRI services 24 hours a day.

Nome Students Participate in Disaster Drill

November 6, 2002, was a normal Wednesday afternoon just like every other in Nome, Alaska, except for the bodies laying on the airport tarmac. Victims from a 747 crash littered the runway as rescue... More

Alaska Photo Stories

Northern OutingGolden Heart Christian School students pose in front of the rustic lodge used as the meeting place during their annual fall campout, under the direction of Barbara Quaile, grades 1–4... More

Thirty Years of Giving To the Community

As the Gem State Academy bus pulled up in front of the school, academy students streamed from the cafeteria with a welcoming wave of enthusiasm for more than 30 children from the community. As... More

Desmond & Frances Doss Impact the Community

The Cambridge Idaho Church hosted Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss and his wife Frances in Veteran’s Day services during the weekend of Nov. 8–9. But the weekend was not enough to contain... More

Montana Conference Holds First-ever Prayer Conference

The first conference-sponsored prayer conference in Montana was last fall, in Bozeman. Guest speakers, Kevin Wilfley and Randy Maxwell, inspired the 60 participants, representing 11 churches, with... More

Two Ceremonies

Royanna Smith and Neil Diamond were married and baptized Sabbath, Oct. 19, 2002, at the Big Timber Church. This was the first marriage at the church in 24 years. Bill Smith, Big Timber pastor (left... More

Mt. Ellis Academy Fosters Active Student Events

Males Order BridesThe Mt. Ellis class of 2003 staged the play “Males Order Brides” as a fundraiser. English teacher, Anita Strawn de Ojeda, producer, helped the students learn their parts.Student... More

PACS Volunteers Serve up Love Thanksgiving Style

“That was the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.” “If we hadn’t come here, our family would not have had a Thanksgiving.” Those were just two of the comments heard last November as Portland Adventist... More

Springfield Members Provide Thanksgiving Hospitality

The week before Thanksgiving, members of the Springfield Church participated in a “guess whose coming to dinner” event. Some offered to be host homes, and others signed up to be guests. The guests... More

Columbia Academy Students Give the Gift of Life

Students at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) recently set a record for the highest percentage of eligible donors to volunteer to give blood. The American Red Cross requires that blood donors be at... More

Classroom B Can One Sabbath School Class Make a Difference?

The atmosphere is charged in Classroom B. In just a few days the Medford Sabbath school class has raised $26,000 for church buildings in India. Matched by Merlin and Jo Ann Fjarli, members of the... More

Appalachia Mission Trip 2002

The Appalachia 2002 Mission Trip quietly preached the gospel of the kingdom in Sommerset, Ky., to all who could see and hear. Twenty-seven eager people including students from Columbia Adventist... More

Meadow Glade Church Expansion

More than $3.3 million dollars has already been raised in cash and pledges toward Meadow Glade church’s $3.8 million expansion program.Since construction began in May 2002, an attractively landscaped... More

Milo Students Play in the Rain In the Falk Sport Court

A few years ago, Esther Falk saw the need for a covered outdoor sport area where students could play sports outside and still be protected from the weather. Because of Oregon’s weather, the court... More

Tillamook Adventist School Puts on Thanksgiving Play

Just before Thanksgiving, 129 of the 130 Tillamook School students helped put on the play called “Harvest Festivals Through the Ages,” written by their librarian, Mildred Thompson Olson.The play... More

Albany Church Participates in Operation Shoebox

Women’s Ministries members of the Albany Church invited local church members to imagine the child-like joy of boys and girls as they open presents on Christmas morning. Members were told, “Now... More

Adventure and Service On Mission Trip to Mexico

A group of 26 Salem Central Church young people made up of the Salem Handbell Choir and Youth Chorus went on a California/New Mexico music-mission trip. Following are the experiences of two students.... More

Better Life Television Gets a Better Station

After more than two years of planning and fundraising, Better Life Television, based in Grants Pass, Ore., is finally getting to spread its wings—thanks to a new studio expansion and some help from... More

Cole Ordained In Pendleton Church

Dan Cole was ordained on Nov. 30, 2002, at the Pendleton, Ore., Church where he is an associate pastor. During the ceremony Dan’s father, Paul Cole, pastor of the Albany, Ore., Church, gave the “... More

Exceptional Experience For Academy Biology Students

Upper Columbia Academy’s advanced biology students recently had an unusual opportunity to simulate forensic studies with the latest of scientific equipment, thanks to the Howard Hughes Foundation and... More

Miracle Squash And Investment Pumpkins

When church members take God as a project Partner, amazing things can happen. After Otis Parks, retired pastor of the Troy, Idaho, Church, returned from a seven-week mission trip to Africa last year... More

New Birth Baptism For Born

Pam Born was welcomed into the Tonasket Church on Sept. 26, 2002. The church doesn’t have a baptistry, so after a special potluck lunch in her honor, family and friends gathered at the Omak Church to... More

Tenth Annual Brody Award In Wenatchee Church

The Wenatchee Adventist church presented its annual “Brody Award” in a November church service. The first award was given to Elmer and Lila Brody in 1992 for their lifelong commitment to the... More

Yakima Teacher Honored

Yakima Adventist Christian School (YACS) is proud to announce that Phillip C. Engelman, ninth- and tenth-grade teacher, has been named as one of our nation’s most influential educators and has been... More

YES to the Rescue Youth Emergency Services

Village Church youth are involved in community service and disaster response through their Youth Emergency Services or YES club. Eight young adult members of the College Place Village Church formed... More

Pastor Appreciation Contest At Positive Life Radio

Recently Positive Life Radio, 104.9 FM in Spokane, Wash., held a pastor appreciation contest. Willard Santee, pastor of the Post Falls and Otis Orchards churches, was astonished to be awarded the... More

Principles in Action Barn Party Raises Money for School and Teacher

Spokane Valley Adventist School began the year with a new teacher, Danny Terry, substituting for Debby Pipkin who had surgery July 30 in an ongoing battle with cancer. Students, teachers, friends,... More

Positive Life Radio Fundraising Helps Relieve Hunger in Cambodia

Positive Life Radio recently teamed up with Musicianaries International, Inc. (MII) to help raise money that will be used to purchase rice for needy people in the country of Cambodia.Three concerts... More

Washington Men Stand Firm

Singing, praying, cheering, laughing, snoring. These were just a few of the sounds heard during the ninth annual Washington Conference Men’s Convention, Nov. 15–17, 2002. Held at Sunset Lake Camp and... More

Cedarbrook Children Learn Self-sufficiency

Lessons in self-sufficiency are being taught at Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School in Port Hadlock, Wash. Children there are initially learning how to raise and store their own food. Organic... More

West Seattle Laymen Lead Series

Ray Foster, an elder of the West Seattle Church kicked off a series of meetings last fall, with “Jesus as God—The Divinity of Christ.” For the next four Sabbaths, volunteers led three one-hour... More

Auburn Custodian Transcends Title

While Sue Pike, known to many students as “Mom,” recuperated recently after major surgery, Auburn Adventist Academy students voiced how important she has become to them personally.Though Pike says... More

Monroe Families Sharing at Christmastime

In a dedication ceremony recently, children of the Monroe Church brought treat-filled shoe boxes to the front of the church for Operation Christmas Child, while Alexandra Harvey, 11, sang, “Jesus... More