September 2002

Did You Know?

Did You Know


• The Earth is 1,597,340 miles from where it was yesterday

• Air is not weightless

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Everything We Really Need to Know

I never made it to Kindergarten. So, on sweaty-palm-Tuesday, I yanked on my itchy new clothes and entered school—cold turkey.

I played a lot of catch-up...




Getting the Bug

God brings people to us who need help (mentally, spiritually, and physically). We live on a secluded...



Getting the Bug

God brings people to us who need help (mentally, spiritually, and physically). We live on a secluded...


Fresh Start

Universal Programming

In the beginning there was the computer. And God said:

c:\>Let there be light!

Enter user ID.




¿Plantación de Iglesias?

Ya han pasado veinte siglos desde que Jesús nos dio su mandato, “Por tanto, id y haced discípulos a todas las naciones” (San Mateo 28:19). Se ha transferido este mandato de una generación a otra, y... More

¡Prodigio! Los talentos milagrosos están ayudando a cumplir con el desafío hispano

Es el año 1519. Un apuesto capitán de la baja nobleza Española sale orgulloso de su barco y marcha imperiosamente hacia la costa este de México, aclamando las tierras para España.Su nombre es Hernán... More

Adventist Health News Notes

Adventist Health’s 2001 Community Benefits Report, titled “Elements of Service,” has recently been published and is available free of charge to those who request it.The report features various... More

Children and Seminars Enrich Palmer Outreach

Members of the Palmer, Alaska, Church have been enjoying special outreach benefits this year from their children’s and health ministries.Cradle RollA “family friendly” atmosphere in the Palmer cradle... More

GSAA Welcomes Marketing Director, English/Spanish Teacher

As classes open at Gem State Adventist Academy (GSAA), students and staff are getting to know new staff members Debra McCarver, director of marketing and recruitment, and Sophie Berecz, English/... More

The Angels Rejoiced!

Angels rejoiced late this spring as Pastor Martin Emslie baptized seven candidates in the Pocatello Adventist Church, in Idaho.Five of the seven trace their decisions for baptism to the ministry of... More

Joy in Butte

Just two weeks after Pastor Ron Dorchuck of the Butte, Mont., Church baptized Linda Wilson and Lauren Senner, he performed their marriage ceremony.Adding to the baptismal day joy, Kara Dowdy took her... More

Missoula Youth Work Hard to Help Needy

“Youth Serving Christ” in Missoula, Mont., has taken to heart Jesus’ admonition to serve those in need, performing many service projects and taking on a couple of causes along the way.Most recently,... More


Mt. Ellis senior Jonathan Harrison has qualified for the $6,000 Andrews Partnership Scholarship, renewable each of his four years at Andrews University, where he will study architecture.In... More

Dallas Lay Members Lead 1,900 Africans to Jesus

“By God’s grace, we did it,” sums up the glowing report given at a Dallas, Ore., church service, June 29, by two teams of lay members just returned from a preaching crusade in Africa.They had... More

CAA Names Students of the Year

Each year, Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) faculty select a senior male and female as students of the year, chosen because they exemplify the Academy’s mission.Seniors Brandon Moor and Chelsea Bliss... More

CAA Excels At Project-based Education

All teachers at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) use projects to enhance student learning.“Project-based assignments are an excellent opportunity for students to use their own interests and talents,... More

Laurelwood Students Travel to El Salvador

Eleven Laurelwood students, two staff members, and their pastor recently spent three weeks working, preaching, and teaching in El Salvador.At Hogar Escuela Adventista orphanage, they built additions... More

Hood View Leads Evangelistic Team to Romania

A light began to shine deep in the heart of Romania, as a small town of farmers and sheepherders saw the love of Jesus shine through acts of kindness, singing, health ministry, multimedia, and... More

Mid-Columbia School Parades its Mission

Mid-Columbia Adventist School (MCAS), 60 miles east of Portland, Ore., in beautiful Hood River, is a small school with an average student count of 54.Mt. Adams appears out its front door, to the... More

Leon Wadsworth, 103 Shines with Father Time

“How much were soybeans in the early 1900s, Dad?” asked his daughter Vida.“Three dollars for a 100-pound sack,” replied Leon Wadsworth.Wadsworth, now 103, was honored as part of a recent Father’s Day... More

Milo Presents Awards On Family Weekend

Theta Tau Alpha, Milo Adventist Academy girls’ club, planned a recent Spring Family Weekend that attracted a full house of family and friends.Each year, Milo honors a family as a representative of... More

Milo Enlists In Fire-fighting Effort

When a forest fire starts, it takes many people and days of work to put it out.To work efficiently, they must set up fire camps—as they did in July on the campus of Milo Adventist Academy.Crews use... More

PAA Student Leader Baptized at Graduation

During Portland Adventist Academy’s (PAA’s) graduation weekend, Senior Class member Katee Hickerson was baptized and joined the Adventist Church.One of her teachers, Pastor Jim Robertson, performed... More

Another KEEP Mystery...Stay Tuned!

Kimberly faced a huge dilemma last Christmas. She wanted the very best for her eight-year-old son Cody. And Cody wanted to stay in his Christian school—wanted to so badly that when Mom asked him what... More

Lebanon Communion Reenacts Jesus’ Last Meal

With tables arranged as a cross and decorated with fresh flowers, fruit bowls, candles, and little white lights, the Lebanon, Ore., Adventist women’s ministries group set out the congregation’s... More

McMinnville Roof Opens Windows of Blessings

The McMinnville, Ore., Adventist Christian School (MACS) building has grown with the times, and its various roof lines—proof of its growth—had developed extensive leaks.To solve the problem, members... More

Cascade Academy Group Tours Historical D.C.

Twenty-three students from Cascade Christian Academy in Wenatchee, Wash., recently confronted humidity, blisters, and lots of walking as they studied the nation’s history in Washington, D.C.Led by... More

Eastgate Ponders Lifestyle, Spiritual Gifts, Creation

The Walla Walla, Wash., Eastgate Church recently hosted three sets of seminars—on lifestyle change, spiritual gifts, and creationism.Dan Ngaruiya conducted the lifestyle seminar each Friday evening... More

MiVoden Singles’ Weekend Energizes Campers

Singles from around the Northwest and as far away as North Carolina and Minnesota gathered at Camp MiVoden over Memorial Day Weekend.They will not soon forget the “Pondering from the Energizer Bunny... More

Omak Church Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Members and visitors—a crowd of about 150—gathered June 22 in Omak, Wash., to celebrate the church’s 80th anniversary.Bannered by the theme “Welcome Home,” participants traced the Omak congregation’s... More

Wapato’s Camp Lakayxitlama Focuses on The Light

The All Nations Center’s mission in Wapato, Wash., is “to empower all people toward spiritual, physical, and emotional healing through service to the Creator.” By offering a summer day camp this year... More

Stanfield Group Organized as Adventist Company

Members of the Stanfield, Ore., Adventist congregation celebrated their organization as an official company of Adventist believers, June 1.Speakers at the event included Max Torkelsen II, Upper... More

Preacher in the Paper Publishes Glad Tidings

For more than two years, retired evangelist Dick Rentfro has written a weekly inspirational column for the “Daily Record” newspaper in Ellensburg, Wash.The popularity of the column has brought many... More

A New President— A New Commitment

The North Pacific Union Conference and local conference administrators recently met to discuss some of the significant challenges facing the Church in the Northwest, and beyond.This meeting also... More

New President’s Arrival Inspires Confidence

Walla Walla College’s (WWC’s) school year begins Sept. 30, and among new faces students will see is Jon Dyhbdal’s.The College’s new president arrived on campus in July and has been working with... More

Miraculous Encounter Occurs on Road to College

Heather and Heidi Spiva started their road trip four hours behind schedule. Traveling from their home in Chattanooga, Tenn., to Walla Walla College, where Heather was going to be taking summer... More

Baseball Duo Hits Witnessing Home Runs

Alex and Cory Hutton, two brothers who attend the Puyallup, Wash., Church, are hitting home runs for Jesus as they play baseball.Both have been involved for several years in Little League—older... More

Bonney Lake Celebrates Baptisms and Dedications

Three candidates were recently baptized at Bonney Lake Adventist Church, in Washington. Shown from bottom left, clockwise, are Jeremy Fiedler, Mariann Biteman, Katrina Fiedler, and Pastor Ken Parker... More

Washington Elects New President

The Washington Conference Executive Committee on Aug. 5 elected a new Conference president—John Freedman. His predecessor, DaveWeigley, a few weeks before accepted the presidency of the Potomac... More