A screaming siren splits the silence. Emergency lights flash red, amber, and blindingly white. Traffic slows to a stop and people dressed in blue or in bulky yellow suits quickly spring into action to put out a fire, save a life, or apprehend a suspect. All too often each of us has heard the siren, seen the lights, or needed the expert services of a paramedic.

February 01, 2003 / Richard Dower

GLEANER: Jon, you first came to Walla Walla College in 1976, where you taught for 13 years. Most recently you were a professor at Andrews University. What factors convinced you to leave full-time teaching and return here as president?

January 01, 2003

“Sam Butler, 22, was afraid. Afraid “Righteousness and Peace” would collide like mortal enemies. That on or about Oct. 15, “Hope for the Homeland” would give way to a “Cry in the Night.”

December 01, 2002

Billed as “the most super-natural camporee of the century,” the North Pacific Union Conference’s “Glacier Camporee” delivered an awesome weekend of weather, Sept. 19-22, for exploration and spiritual discovery.

November 01, 2002 / Todd Gessele

Come they told me, Pa rum pum pum pum. A new born King to see, Pa rum pum pum pum....”

It was 1958 when Katherine K. Davis published her heart-melting ballad about a shepherd boy and his rhythmic quest for Baby Jesus. It’s now a classic.

November 01, 2002

Kids. Their jam-splattered smiles disarm us. And their sticky hugs at the end of a busy workday put projects and deadlines in proper perspective. They are undoubtedly what matters most to moms, dads, grandparents, and godmothers alike. Which is why Adventist Health offers a host of services tailored especially for the next generation.

October 01, 2002 / Regina Erickson

The comfort of home is priceless. At Adventist Health, we know a retirement center must not only have the comforts of home, but the friendliness of a family.

October 01, 2002 / Pauline Deeb