When We Pray Commission Culture Happens

How to plant Commission Culture seeds:

Foster a passion for Christ and living for Him

Focus on connecting with people, sharing Christ and disciplining others

Everywhere, everyday, people are placed in your path, connect with them

Keep a strong connection with God

Start a daily prayer list for others

Find others who are committed to Commission Culture—encourage, learn, and stay accountable to each other

Make soul winning the main priority of your church

Know and pray for your neighbors

Give a testimony

When involved in outreach events and activities, really connect with guests, not just your friends

Think of people as pre-Adventists, not as non-Adventists

Make pre-Adventists feel included by avoiding Adventist jargon

When the church plans evangelism, get involved

When a member quits coming to church—let them know they are missed

Find every way you can to involve new members and guests

Create a church climate that's warm, inviting, and safe

Grow others into leadership

Be thrilled when you smell cigarette smoke or alcohol on a guest and make them feel welcome

Don't let the greeters be the only warm welcome at your church

Invite guests to your home

Give Bible studies

Hold reaping meetings

Let the Word, not the world, define your life mission.

April 01, 2008 / Feature