Want More?

Here are five more ideas for earth-friendly stewardship:

Help out in a community service ministry — When we show kindness to those in need we show respect for their Creator as well.

Return tithe and offerings regularly — It breaks us away from our self-centered exploitation of the world and the things and people in it, and reminds us everything in this world belongs, not to us, but to God.

Wash the feet of someone you don't get along with — If we are going to be truly earth friendly, we must be willing to reconcile with other humans so we can treat all creation with kindness.

Remember the Sabbath — It's a God-given gift of rest from the frenetic pace of society that allows us to spend quality time appreciating creation and its Creator.

Be kind to animals — How we treat animals can sometimes show how we treat humans we see as weaker than ourselves.

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April 01, 2010 / Feature