The long process of acquiring land, the proper permits, building and then relocating the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) office to Ridgefield, Wash., is nearly complete.

Some have questioned why relocation was even necessary. While that discussion has largely been answered in the past, two or three responses may be appropriate in quick review: 1) Downsizing of the NPUC office needs made the old building far too big and inefficient; 2) Needed renovations would have been expensive; and 3) High values at the old site combined with low, but rising values at the proposed site, made relocating a good investment for future values—something homeowners understand and appreciate.

Of course, the delays in obtaining zoning clearance and proper permits have prolonged the relocation process far beyond what was originally expected. Yet, even in this delay, positive results have come forth. NPUC administration have formed strong connections with community leaders. These partnerships have already been beneficial and may, in the long run, be even more valuable in God's timing. The protracted time has also allowed the project to gain greater press time and local awareness.

The location has proved to be a blessing to the public. During the 2005 Christmas season, NPUC employees erected a huge, 300-foot-long lighted nativity scene at the Ridgefield property, easily visible to Interstate 5 travelers.

Weather and other unknowns permitting, the NPUC offices will be relocating from their interim location in Vancouver, Wash., to the newly-completed Ridgefield offices sometime toward the end of this year. More information will be available and reported in the GLEANER.

August 01, 2006 / Feature