Steve Dulan

Name: Stephen Dulan

Birthplace: Sacramento, California

Home: Kent, Washington

Parents: Father, Irwin, was president of Ethiopian Adventist College, now a Bible teacher. Mother, Laura, is a consultant K12 speech/language therapist. She has also served as a K12 teacher and administrator.

High School: Columbia Adventist Academy, Battle Ground, Washington. Graduated in 1989.

College: Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama. Graduated in 1994 with a major in computer science.

“Attending Oakwood aided my transition from dependence to independence. Conquering the academic and social challenges of college helped me know I could conquer anything I faced. I also learned how to learn, which is critical for success, especially in my field.”

Graduate School : University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. Graduated with a Master of Business Administration.

Occupation: Management consultant and works for Accenture, a global management consulting firm. Stephen performs business analysis and implements technology solutions to help clients solve business challenges. His expertise is in the retail space, and has worked for clients such as Starbucks, Nordstrom, Williams-Sonoma, Ross, Toys-R-Us and Fast Retailing in Japan.

Mentors: “A lot of what I do now is leadership. I try to follow my dad’s leadership example because he truly cares for each person.

“My mother really pushed me from an educational standpoint. She’s supported me every step of the way, especially in going to graduate school and getting my MBA."

Hobbies: Steve enjoys golf, mountain biking, snow boarding, video production, Web and product design.

Spouse: Fuchsia Campbell Dulan.

Married: July 5, 1998. Stephen and Fuchsia met at the Sharon Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, while Stephen was visiting his mother there and Fuchsia was attending graduate school.

Success: “God alone has enabled all of the things that contribute to my success. He gave me parents who loved me enough to challenge me and instill in me a spirit of excellence. He gave me a loving wife that supports me and lots of great friends and family members. I attribute the knowledge and insight that I am able to provide to my clients to God.”

Church Membership and Offices: Stephen and Fuchsia are members of the Breath of Life Church in West Seattle. As an elder, Stephen is also education secretary and Adventist Youth director.

Philosophy: “Each of us individually must take ownership of pushing the gospel forward. We all must say, this is my church, this is my community, this is my conference and if I don’t see something being done then I must do it. The Great Commission of Matthew 28 can only be fulfilled as we all take action, individually.”

February 01, 2007 / Feature