August 10, 2016

Are you SURE? Take this True/False ACS quiz!

  1. The Dorcas Society, consisting of groups of women, was established in 1879 as the official Adventist community outreach program.

  2. At the North American Division level, the name “Dorcas Society” wasn’t changed to “Adventist Community Services” until 2010.

  3. The acronym “SAWS” once referred to the Adventist outreach program.

  4. ADRA oversees the Adventist response to disaster all around the world, except in North America.

  5. ACS ministries are limited to food or clothing banks and disaster response.

  6. You must be at least 70 years old in order to work with ACS.

  7. People must be Adventists — or related to Adventists — in order to receive ACS services.

  8. People must be Adventists in order to serve in ACS centers.

  9. If I am an Adventist, I can start an ACS ministry.

  10. Training opportunities within ACS range from simple to graduate-level courses.

  11. One more! ACS has more than 1,250 localities in North America (including Guam, Micronesia and Bermuda).

Quiz answers:

  1. TRUE.

  2. FALSE. While some centers continue to use the name “Dorcas” for their outreach ministry, the name was officially changed in North America MORE THAN 60 YEARS AGO — in 1953!

  3. TRUE. It stood for Seventh-day Adventist Welfare Service and was the official name used from 1956 to 1972, Adventist Community Services became the official humanitarian agency of the Adventist church in North America. In 1973, SAWS was renamed the Seventh-day Adventist World Service. Ten years later in 1983, it became Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA).

  4. TRUE. Some mistakenly believe that ADRA responds to disasters in the United States when actually it is Adventist Community Services (ACS).

  5. FALSE!

  6. FALSE — OF COURSE! While we certainly value the contribution of our “seasoned citizens,” all kinds of meaningful ACS ministries are being carried out by every age group.


  8. FALSE. While we ask that the leaders be members in good standing, many of our ministries enjoy having numerous community members as volunteers. This is both a blessing to our ministries and a blessing to the volunteers! Check with your local conference office regarding the appropriate screening process.

  9. That’s kind of true. Just be sure to work closely with your church board. Your ministry won’t be official — with all of the benefits that go along with that — unless it is voted by your church board.

  10. TRUE. For an amazing graduate-level educational experience (though a college background is not required), get in on the Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program (NLCP).

  11. TRUE. Amazing, isn’t it? How beautiful that God’s people take outreach so seriously!

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