Sidebar 2 Timeline

1901 The Furlong Church was established in Los Angeles

1908 African-American work is put on hold

1918 Washington Conference plans for minority group evangelism and constituency session votes to hire a black minister

1919 Lake Washington Church organized in Seattle

1920 Group in Lake Washington meets regularly

1921 Lake Washington Church closes and the majority of work stops

1943 Oregon Conference encourages Portland area branch Sabbath School for colored group (beginning of the Sharon Church)

1944 Colored group meets at the Fred and Minnie Hurd home in Seattle

1945 Washington Conference calls William Cleveland, the first minister to work with colored people in Seattle

1945 Shiloh Church in Seattle organized, now Emerald City Community Church

1946 Sharon Church (Portland) hosts meetings

1946 Building on Spruce Street purchased

1948 Sharon grows to 53 members

1950 Sharon grows to 100 members and Elder J. H. Laurance gave "Revelation for Our Times" meetings

1963 Mount Tahoma Church (Tacoma) established

1977 NPUC Regional Affairs appoints first director

1979 Maranatha Church begins (Seattle)

1980 Pasco (Wash.) Ephesus Church established

1981 Spokane East Central Church founded

1986 Anchorage (Alaska) Community Church begins

1987 NPUC Regional Affairs appoints second director

1991 Your Bible Speaks (Portland) established

1992 Breath of Life Church (Seattle) organized

2002 Love of Life Fellowship Church

(Federal Way, Wash.) founded

2002 Open Bible Fellowship Company

(Lakewood, Wash.) organized

2003 Oromo Group (Portland) recognized

2004 Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Group (Woodinville, Wash.)

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