Shelton Valley

July 01, 2011 | Jennifer Scott

We've been open for over 2 years, it will be 3 years Sept 2, and our newest total of children is 246. Our center is the largest in our county and is the only vegetarian USDA center in the region. We have been intentional at facilitating an "integrated" campus, church, childcare and school. March 26, Karen Belgarde, one of our lead teachers who came to us in the beginning when we opened, was baptized. Her daughters attend our school, and her oldest daugther, Sarah Belgarde, is being baptized this upcoming sabbath, (May 21)! We are in Bible studies with several families from our center and have created a new Family Friendly church service that includes breakfast every Sabbath morning where we have many families declaring us "their church". We have started many after school activities, including music lessons that incorporate our children into leading praise teams in our worship services.