Share Jesus Now

Nathan Batchelor, son of Doug and Karen Batchelor, caught the vision of helping others during craft time in the primary meetings.

Nathan, along with the other primary-age kids, knitted caps for newborns with the Nifty Knitter loom, cut out fleece hats and blankets, and packaged fleece booties.

"I had so much fun knitting the caps," said 10-year-old Nathan. He made two caps, even working on them on the bus going to the field trips.

The hats, blankets and booties, along with other items, were purchased by ASI families, packaged into 18 boxes and given to Dallas Chapter vice president Patria Davis of Newborns in Need. The Sabbath morning offering in the primary division of almost $350 was also donated to purchase socks for the babies.

“Our goal was that the kids would return home with ideas for how they can ‘Share Jesus Now,’ our primary theme, by doing caring things for others,” said Tammie Beierle, primary division leader.

October 01, 2006 / Feature