August 30, 2016

Fast Facts

Broke the 100,000 membership mark on June 30, 2016.

Is the only union in the North American Division that has taken average church attendance figures from all churches during the past four years.

Held one conference clerk training session and one retirement training session for conference clerks during the past five years.

Sponsored 10 preretirement seminars at five different sites over the past five years for church employees who are nearing retirement.


To provide fair, honest and consistent processes of accountability for church members throughout the Northwest.


The executive secretary’s office deals not only with the infrastructure and policies of our church organization, but also coordinates the record keeping that ensures fair and accountable processes for each employee and member. This office also oversees health ministries, women's ministries, Native ministries and the disaster response committee.

What’s Been Accomplished

AVERAGE ATTENDANCE FIGURES — Accurate attendance figures have been taken for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 in all six conferences in the North Pacific Union. The total average church attendance figures on any given Sabbath for the four years combined is 42.5 percent of NPUC church membership (see sidebar).

eADVENTIST — eAdventist has received a fresh look designed by the German Media Center team, and “church management” features have been added to help pastors and congregations.

CONFERENCE CONSULTATION — Continued support to local conferences has been given to help with procedural issues and to provide continuity during administrative transitions.

ACCOUNTABILITY ASSURANCE — This office has maintained files and policies that ensure accountability to each member, should questions arise.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT WITH HEALTH — The NPUC has been involved with and is a member of southwestern Washington’s Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania and Wahkiakum counties Regional Healthy Living Collaborative Coalition. This coalition works to reduce and prevent chronic disease and associated risk factors among underserved populations.

HEALTH TRAINING EVENTS — Over the past five years, the NPUC has held three health training events for local churches: a Health Ministries Training Symposium co-sponsored by NPUC and the North American Division, a CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) Leadership Training Conference co-sponsored by NPUC and Meadow Glade Church, and an Adventist Recovery Ministries Training program for addiction recovery co-sponsored by the NPUC, the NAD and Adventist Health.

WOMEN’S MINISTRIES — During this quinquennium, the NPUC women’s ministries leadership participated in many conference women’s ministry programs as well as the Festival of the Laity, Ministering Hope to Hurting Hearts, NAD Adventist Ministries’ Convention, NAD Women’s Conference and NAD Summit on Abuse. In 2013, NPUC and conference women’s ministries leadership directed evangelistic outreach at seven church sites in Costa Rica as well as two one-day women’s conferences.

The Challenges Ahead

MEMBERSHIP GROWTH — North American culture has proved more challenging to church growth than other parts of the world. Here in the Northwest, we must find the balance between nurturing existing members and attracting and keeping new believers.

CHURCH ATTENDANCE — With average church attendance standing at 42.5 percent of actual church book membership, we must do something to address this problem. The NPUC has formed a special ad hoc committee called “Member Re-Engagement” to study what can be done to re-engage members and increase average church attendance. 

ETHNIC DIVERSITY — Ethnic ratios are changing. We must adapt our focus and priorities to respond to a growing number of Hispanics and to different immigrant groups in our church.

YOUTH EMPHASIS — Along with the growth of different cultures in the NPUC, emphasis still needs to continue being placed on the youth being more involved in the governing bodies of the church.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT — With so many denominational leaders retiring in the next 10–15 years, it is incumbent that the church mentor and develop leaders to take the place of those who are currently leading out in our conferences, churches and schools.       

CONFERENCE SUPPORT — This office will continue to support local conference administrative teams with support and consultation. We will also continue to provide support and resource materials in health education to NPUC conferences.