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African American members celebrated their 30th annual convocation in 2006.

There are more than 126 NPUC Pathfinder clubs.

During the past five years, regional members have contributed more than $8 million in tithe and baptized 864 new members to bring total regional membership to nearly 3,200.

There are 14 multicultural Adventist churches within the Northwest composed primarily of ethnic minorities.

The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) facilitates networks and events to help maintain both a sense of cultural identity and unity in fostering an active multicultural and multigenerational work. The director promotes issues of diversity, family life and human relations throughout the Northwest.

To provide financial and spiritual support to Northwest regional work and resources for conferences to empower youth for Christ-centered ministry.

Regional Convocation—Improved the quality of programming to provide spiritual nurture and fellowship for Black members and, as a result, attendance has increased for various age-groups.

Pathfinders—Provided leadership and support for the 2004 Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

NAD Caucus—Received and distributed a portion of the North American Division funds directed to regional work. In 2004, approximately $170,000 went to help regional work in the Northwest.

Financial Assistance—Made special funding available to conferences for special youth-oriented projects and also for regional churches.

Training Subsidies—Offered subsidies to NPUC youth leaders to help them attend continuing education workshops and training conventions.

Walla Walla College—Encouraged and assisted Black families to help increase the number of students attending Walla Walla College.

Membership Growth—We need to increase Black membership in the Northwest by focusing on African American evangelism with a full-time evangelist/Bible workers.

Church School Attendance—We must find ways to increase the number of Northwest African American students attending Adventist schools by developing a scholarship fund to subsidize the rising cost of tuition.

Church Building Funds—We must help fund the purchase of new church buildings for some of our regional churches, which currently can only afford to rent space. It is harder to establish and maintain growth without a permanent church home.

August 01, 2006 / Feature