Regional, Multicultural, Youth

August 30, 2016

Fast Facts

The Regional Affairs Office celebrated its 40th annual Convocation in May 2016.

There are more than 150 NPUC Pathfinder Clubs. Many clubs qualified to participate in the NPUC Bible Experience and NAD Bible Experience events.

There are three new immigrant congregations in the NPUC.


To provide spiritual and financial support to the Northwest regional work and resources for conferences to empower youth and young adults for Christ-centered ministry.


The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) facilitates, networks and sponsors events to help maintain a sense of cultural identity and unity in multicultural and multigenerational work. The director promotes issues of diversity, family life, prison ministry and human relations throughout the Northwest.

What’s Been Accomplished

REGIONAL CONVOCATION — Improved the programming and added young adult programming to provide training, spiritual nurturing and fellowship for regional church members.

PATHFINDERS/YOUTH — Provided leadership and support for 3,200 Northwest Pathfinders attending the NAD 2014 NPUC Pathfinder Camporee in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Provided leadership and support for the 2013 West Coast Youth Congress, NPUC Bible conferences, and 2016 NPUC youth and young adult leadership.

NAD REGIONAL MINISTRY — During the past five years, distributed funds from the NAD Special Assistance and Capital Reversion funds to help the regional work in the Northwest. Portland, Oregon, has hosted two evangelistic meetings.

PRISON MINISTRY — Sponsored NPUC Prison Ministry Convention in 2014 and 2016. Provided training and networking for prison ministry volunteers.

TRAINING SUBSIDIES — Provided subsidies to NPUC youth leaders to attend NAD training and workshops. Sponsored Bible worker training and certification program.

WALLA WALLA UNIVERSITY — Supported and worked with Walla Walla University administration to encourage ethnic professors to come to WWU and continue to help increase the enrollment of multicultural students. Co-sponsored Black History Weekend and U-Days every year.

MULTICULTURAL MINISTRY — Established an Asian/Pacific advisory and a refugee immigrant ministry program.

The Challenges Ahead

MEMBERSHIP GROWTH — Increase ethnic membership with the support of unionwide evangelistic meetings and Bible worker training, and implement recovery ministries in each church.

CHURCH SCHOOL ATTENDANCE — Provide matching subsidies for K–12 students and Walla Walla University and Oakwood University students who want to attend Adventist schools.

CHURCH BUILDING FUNDS — Assist in funding repairs and renovations of church buildings for our regional congregations.