Reconnecting Tips for Members

Here are a few more ideas from Mike Jones on how to connect with guests.

Keep the flow of communication going — Once I resigned my membership, I never heard from my local church again. If your church has a newsletter, send it to the missing members as well. Of course, a "Hey, I've been missing you!" phone call is a nice touch and only takes a minute or two.

Send event invitations — You never know what type of event might appeal to someone, depending on what they are currently going through. So, keep those announcements or invitations to special classes, seminars and evangelistic meetings going out to them.

Foster social interaction — My local church hosts a Wednesday evening meal which has been very successful, with optional classes afterward for those who wish to stay. Some of our inactive members have been coming back to church as a direct result of this.

Make small-group connections — A group of us do a Sunday morning breakfast every four or six weeks. We invite new members to join us as well as people who have been inactive.

Don't just talk, listen — You don't have to be Mr. or Mrs. Sanguine. Focus on asking a few questions ("How's everything going in your life?") and then listen. I remind people that Job's friends were really a comfort to him until they opened their mouths.

Be a committee of one — Remember that every active member should be a "greeter," and not just those who are assigned the front doors. Locate people you don't know. Introduce yourself and give them a warm smile and handshake. Look for them again in the following weeks, and continue that connection.

Learn more about connecting current and former members with the grace of God in Mike Jones new book, Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying, published by Pacific Press Publishing Association, available at Adventist Book Centers.

March 01, 2008 / Feature