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What Our Listeners Are Saying

"I was so blessed when my sister told me about your station. I was not a Christian, but I was so moved by the message in the music. I became curious and started going to church and was saved on January 1st of this year. I feel so encouraged everyday, and I am truly thankful for your station and the message it brought to my life. God bless all of you!" —Kay

"Your music strengthens and brings me such joy. I leave your station on at department stores and motels and pray other's lives are touched. May the Lord bless all of you and the Christian artists. In the love of Christ." —Nella

"I am 14 and have been listening to your station for about one year... I have not had an easy life or a healthy or happy family. I've been abused and just lost my Dad to cancer. The first night I found your station I was mad, tears streaming down my face, despair spilling over the brim of my soul, and a deep hatred for this God who I believed to be cruel and unfeeling. When I turned on the radio, I heard the refrain "Come cry on my shoulder." What a great impact a couple of kind, consoling words can have on a poor soul! I thank Heaven for you, my devoted angels." —Maria

August 01, 2008 / Feature